JU87G-1 Stuka Tank Buster

Assemble a Junkers JU87G-1 Stuka Dive Bomber "Tank Buster" with this 1/72 scale plastic model kit from Academy. Suitable for ages 10 and older.

Academy JU87G-1 Stuka Tank Buster Plastic Model Airplane Kit 1/72 Scale #12450
 Academy Plastics # acy12450
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Academy Plastics Item # acy12450
Specifications :
  • Scale: 1:72
  • Length: 5-3/8" (137mm)
  • Wingspan: 7-1/2" (190mm)
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Spotlight Review

Only the second plane model I have built which are somewhat more difficult to build than say a tank model as this model and ones like it have many small pieces. It requires some cutting with either a small knife of drill do fit some parts so keep that in mind. Overall though it would recommend this model to any ww2 model fan as it has spot on details including the decal stickers which depicts accurate markings.

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  • Fully engraved panel lines and rivet details..
  • Highly detailed two-seater cockpit interior..
  • Detailed fixed landing gear..
  • Two cannon guns in underwing pods..
  • Two canopy styles to choose from: one-piece or sectioned..
  • Authentic markings..
  • Illustrated assembly guide..


  • Scale: 1:72
  • Length: 5-3/8" (137mm)
  • Wingspan: 7-1/2" (190mm)


One Plastic Model

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"Great price and quality"
A great kit with high quality plastic molds and pieces. Extremely good price for what you get. No putty was needed and minimal sanding was required for proper fitment. Pros-good mold quality, great price, good decals. Cons-none that I can think of.

"JU87G-1 STUKA."
wdhinds1968 (Oliver Springs Tn)
A VERY NICE kit ,parts fit well no issues with assembly.Nicely detailed.A GOOD KIT for A GOOD price.Would reccomend.

"My First 1/72 Scale Tank Buster"
This is the second 1/72 scale ACADEMY aircraft model I completed in the last couple months. My previous one was the P51D Down for Double aircraft. OBSERVATIONS: (1) The parts for the model were very easy to peel off of the sprues; whatever excess plastic that was still on a part could be deleted with little or no trouble. (2) I had little or no trouble assembling the model together. The parts (with one possible noteworthy exception, to be mentioned shortly) fit together quite nicely. (3) Using just acrylic paints from bottles and paintbrush, a good modeler (unlike me I sense, if the three pics I submitted on this HOBBYLINC website serve as an indicator) should have little problem with achieving a nice finish from the painting perspective. (4) Just like in my previous P51D model, the decals in this kit were pretty thick. Overall I actually had little trouble placing them on the model, but the thickness of the decals stood out. The only challenging decals were the ones that went on the leading edges of the wings; and all those itty-bitty ones that, in hindsite, I probably should not have even bothered to deal with. (5) Also just like in my previous model, the level of detail on this aircraft appears to be quite impressive for a 1/72 scale kit. (6) Late in the assembling of this model, I noticed that the wing assembly was tilted approximately 5-10 degrees to starboard relative to a straight and level fuselage. I initially (reasonably) assumed that I did not attach the wing assembly to the fuselage correctly, but upon further inspection I concluded that the bottom single piece of the three-piece wing assembly was actually warped, with the starboard gull-wing section more bent downward, relative to the center base section of the piece, than was the port gull-wing (sorry for the nautical terms here). FINAL ASSESSMENT: Flawed (?) wing piece aside, I found this model truly challenging and yet rewarding in the end. In my opinion, it should be treated as a labor of love (especially when doing the wacky paint scheme on it) and not something to be rushed: it would be worth the extra time spent. I give this kit four stars out of five, instead of a full five stars, primarily due to the wing assembly issue.


  • One Decal Sheet with Markings for Two Aircraft
  • 1: JU87G-1, Pz.J.Sta./St.G2, flown by Hptm. Hans-Ulrich Rudel.
  • 2: JU87G-1, 1/SG.1.
  • Airframe & Detail Colors
  • -Flat Black, Silver, Flat White, Metallic Gray, Gun Metal, Clear Red, Clear Blue, Yellow, Black Gray, Light Blue, Black Green, Dark Green.

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