WWII Focke Wulf TA183 Huckebein German Fighter

This is the 1/48 Scale WWII Focke Wulf TA183 Huckebein German Fighter Plastic Model Airplane Kit from Academy Plastics.

Academy WWII Focke Wulf TA183 Huckebein German Fighter Plastic Model Airplane Kit 1/48 Scale #12327
 Academy Plastics # acy12327
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Academy Plastics Item # acy12327
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Spotlight Review

"Simple and fun"
This kit comes together quickly, but still has enough details to make it interesting. Overall fit was very good with no major gaps to fill. The wings and instrument panel fit was tight. The cockpit tub can be installed after the fuselage is glued together (before the nose is glued on). Several possible gm pain points. The back side of the instrument panel will be visible once installed. There are some ejector pin marks in difficult areas, such as the main gear bay. The X-4 missiles can be assembled incorrectly - the control wire pods should be on opposing wingtips. There are resin kits for the nose if any want more detail in the intake, otherwise painting the interior of the jet intake black looks good too.

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  • Academy Product Number: 12327

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"Interesting Model"
Charles (Westfield, NY)
Easy assembly, good instructions, nice fit for all the parts. Really interesting story behind this aircraft. It resembles the Russian MIG 15 and the American F-86 Sabre Jet—the two main jet fighters of the Korean Conflict---for good reason—both were developed from the design plans the Russians and Americans helped themselves to. The Argentines, however, helped themselves to the project director, Kurt Tank, and 62 members of his production team. Fearful of being prosecuted for pro-Nazi activities, Tank fled to Argentina, and completed the production there. In 1950 it became the Argentine 1a 33 “Arrow.” Not a complicated kit, but a great addition to a WWII collection

"The Raven"
The Ta183 Huckebein (Raven) never flew while in German hands, let alone went into combat, however it would have a strong influence on the first generation of swept-wing jet fighters. The F-86 Sabre and the MiG-15 were both designed with technology gleaned from this and other captured Nazi aircraft. This kit was originally made by AmTech and was also produced under the Tamiya and Italeri labels. Quickboost makes a resin intake with forward wheel well, QB 48-153 and a jet pipe with tail fairing, QB 48-130 for this model. There are decal sets available for this model representing a large number of what if schemes so you don't have to limit yourself. I haven't started it yet but the moldings look good and the parts that I have test fitted go together well. I would like to see more prototypes or concept aircraft being made by mainstream manufacturers.

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