RMS 24/60 Motor Hardware Set

This is the RMS 24/60 Motor Hardware from AeroTech Consumer Aerospace.

Aerotech RMS 24/60 Motor Hardware Set #91244
 Aerotech # aro91244
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Aerotech Item # aro91244
Features :
  • Fits all kits designed for Black Powder "E" motors.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Instruction sheet included.
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Spotlight Review

"One Trick Pony?"
ozwald (Cottonwood, Az)
While it is true that there is only one reload option available for this motor casing, (F35-W), Aerotech is working on this as we speak and assures us that the certification of new reload kits for this motor is high priority. I also want to mention that the F-39, (29/40) is not actually a W propellant formulation but a T propellant called Blue Thunder. High thrust and very fast burn times compared to White Lightning. I would also like to mention that as far as I know, the closures for the 24/40 motor are not interchangeable with the 24/60 motor casing. It would be kinda nice to have the two motor cases and one set of closures to cut down on the overall cost for rocketeers just starting into the hobby

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  • Fits all kits designed for Black Powder "E" motors.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Instruction sheet included.


  • Aerotech Product Number: 91244


One RMS 29/60 Motor Hardware

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Great way to save money"
You should purchase this if you're considering getting into mid-power rocketry. Consider it an initial investment in your mid-power rocketry experience. After the first three or four launches, the cost starts dropping dramatically per launch when compared with single use motors. I wouldn't recommend using this on just any 24mm rocket. If you're going to use it, make sure the rocket can take the thrust of the higher impulse. A good rule of thumb: if the rocket has a 24mm motor mount and balsa fins; don't use this product. Balsa fins will probably tear off unless you reinforce them. Consider that you will have to construct all your motors before launch. This will take a while, so either buy a bunch of these so you can make your motors at home and spend more time flying than building motors.

"E case"
georgerseijo (Davie, FL)
only one reload available for now but hoping sometime soon

"Aerotech has a more selections for this RMS24/60 Hardware"
Great case, but use their lube, or any synthetic grease. Easier cleanup after use and get a cleaning brush for cleaning soot and threads. There are more selections now for this motor case as stated in other reviews F35W-5,8&11, but now the F51-10NT this is the New Blue Thunder, fast burn, high specific impulse propellant and F62-10FJ another high impulse, fast burn propellant. So we now have more selections for more excitement. Wish Aerotech made a spacer for their RMS24/40 reloads, then the RMS24/60 case could be used.

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