4oz. Bottle Gloss Black Base Alclad II

This is the 4oz. Bottle Gloss Black Base by Alclad II.

Alclad 4oz. Bottle Gloss Black Base Alclad II Hobby and Model Lacquer Paint #305
 Alclad II # alc305
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Alclad II Item # alc305
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Spotlight Review

If you use alclad then you know it can give you the best metal finish. But to obtain it you need a smooth black shiny coat beneath it. I already tried several brands of gloss black paint. They give you a nice shiny coat. But the final result is somewhat disaponting. The metal finish over it is not that good. Then you use this one, and the metal finish gets that extra leg.... This black coat is superb. 2 or 3 light passes , with sometime to let it dry between aplications and you get that shiny gloss all around. if you really want that metal to shine, this is the base coat touse

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  • Alclad Product Number: 305

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In my opinion Alclad Black gloss base is hands down, the best base for any metal effect paint. Pre thinnned and flows perfectly

"A must have for metal finishes"
nscrfns (Killeen, TX)
High quality as always from Alclad. 2 or 3 light coats needed. Dries very thin. To get a great metal finish you will need to prep perfectly or any and all slight defects will show. Fast drying. Once this is dry airbrush your desired Alclad metal paint. This black is the key component to a fantastic finish. Other black paint will work but not like this does. Alclad's quality is best. Highly recommend this.

"Apply as the base coat"
This is a wonderful black, but do not apply it over the microfiller primer. Even after buffing the primer, you need the black to be perfect or the metal color that goes over it will show any imperfection.

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