6 x 11 Thin Sheet Chrome Foil

This is the 6 x 11 Thin Sheet Chrome Foil by Bare Metal Foil.

Bare-Metal-Foil 6 x 11 Thin Sheet Chrome Foil Miscellaneous Hobby Building Supply #1
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Bare Metal Foil Item # bmf1
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  • Bare-Metal-Foil Product Number: 1
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Spotlight Review

"Beautiful, but can be difficult to use"
skydog (Arizona)
If you are very patient, this product can give you one of the most realistic metal finishes available. It is very, very thin so it shows up every detail in the plastic underneath. It also shows every flaw in the plastic, including sanding scratches. The model must be smooth to about 320-400 grit before the foil will look good on it. Because the foil is very thin, it is also very fragile. It has to be worked down with a light touch until it is well stuck down. Be prepared to peel off and replace some sections until you get the touch. Works best on bare, unprimed plastic. Great for automotive trim, but these very small pieces will add an extra level of frustration until you get it right. Keep at it, though, the results will be well worth it!

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  • Bare-Metal-Foil Product Number: 1


  • 1 Chrome Foil

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bmorris (United States)
This is the first time I've ever used this product I think this is a great product it is very easy to use and it looks like real Chrome when finished I recommend it to everybody who would like their chrome trim to look like Chrome it's very easy to put on as long as you make sure that your paint finish is smooth and you have a very sharp knife to trim it with. Very good product with a great finish I will be using this on all my models with chrome trim from now on. Also its good for repairing chrome pieces that are not plated good or damaged when removed from the sprue.

"Gives a realistic look"
demarko11j (California)
I recently used this after years of thinking it was hard to do, to my surprise it was simple yet fun. It gives a realistic chrome shine to all models. Get yourself some tweezers, q tips, and fresh hobby knife. Measure a little wider and longer than what your covering. Use the q-tip to lay it down nice and smooth plus it helps it stick. Now just take your hobby knife and gentle trace the lines and peal off access and your done . I really suggest this it brings life into my model cars

"Difficult for beginners, but still unbeatable"
This material is fantastic! Although, it is difficult for beginners, once you get the hang of applying it the finished appearance is unbeatable for achieving that shiny chrome look. Have plenty of Q-tips on hand, as they get shredded pretty quickly during the embossing process. And try to save your scraps, because they can be used again to patch small imperfections in your application.

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