6 x 11 Thin Sheet Chrome Foil

This is the 6 x 11 Thin Sheet Chrome Foil by Bare Metal Foil.

Bare-Metal-Foil 6 x 11 Thin Sheet Chrome Foil Miscellaneous Hobby Building Supply #1
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Bare Metal Foil Item # bmf1
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Spotlight Review

"BMF1 Chrome has been improved"
I have used the BMF1 foil for over 20 years. I noticed on the last few batches that it had a sticker that stated it was new and improved. I have to agree. The adhesive is much better and it is less prone to wrinkling. The new BMF1 Chrome is also less prone to curl when you peel it off of the backing than the BMF7 Ultra Bright Foil. You still need to use a new sharp blade to cut it, but the new changes are great.

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  • Bare-Metal-Foil Product Number: 1


  • 1 Chrome Foil

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Difficult for beginners, but still unbeatable"
This material is fantastic! Although, it is difficult for beginners, once you get the hang of applying it the finished appearance is unbeatable for achieving that shiny chrome look. Have plenty of Q-tips on hand, as they get shredded pretty quickly during the embossing process. And try to save your scraps, because they can be used again to patch small imperfections in your application.

"Gives a realistic look"
demarko11j (California)
I recently used this after years of thinking it was hard to do, to my surprise it was simple yet fun. It gives a realistic chrome shine to all models. Get yourself some tweezers, q tips, and fresh hobby knife. Measure a little wider and longer than what your covering. Use the q-tip to lay it down nice and smooth plus it helps it stick. Now just take your hobby knife and gentle trace the lines and peal off access and your done . I really suggest this it brings life into my model cars

"Love this stuff"
nscrfns (Killeen, TX)
Great stuff. Use it for chrome trim or cover an entire model. Burnish it down well with one of Tamiya's hard pointed cotton buds. I use it to mask canopies. If burnished down correctly no paint will seep under it. When removing it will leave a light residue that can be removed with mineral spirits followed non-amonia type glass cleaner.

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