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Good starter/beginner kit
I used this car to create a post-apocalyptic zombie survival vehicle for a diorama I'm building. Mostly because it's in 1/32 scale and my Tamiya extra parts weapons assortment was 1/35 so the scales were not noticeably out-of-scale looking to the average person. As far as buying this to make it look like the box- I would recommend it to anyone just starting out due to the limited # of part (there's only about 20). It can easily be built in 1-2 days, maybe more depending in how much detail you really want to put in it. The instructions are very plain, as well as the paint color codes therein. I think it calls for 4 colors, black yellow silver and something else... Dark red I think? Anyway - you'll notice when you glue the body sides on to the main top part of the car body, there's a little bit of pushing/pulling just to get the seams to line up which I found can cause the body to twist. Shouldn't be a problem once you glue it to the chassis. Also, once the chassis is glued to the body, if you turn it upside down you can see straight through the front wheel axle & suspension into the area where there should be an engine. It's just dead space so I would recommend painting that whole area under the hood in black or whatever you choose. Overall, an OK kit. Good for the price if you just want something quick and easy or definitely something a young person could do as long as they know how to handle super glue or cement properly without gluing there little hands together. A great kit for an adult to assemble and just let the kids do all the painting however they want. I would recommend it for the price