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It turned out great!
This was my first paint by number and it took me three months to complete. While not impossible, it isn't the easiest paint by number to start off with. Here is what I learned: 1) you need other brushes than the one they give you. I would advise a 10/0 brush for the fine hair lines. 2) in this picture, going in ordered number don't work well because there is so much gray in it and some of the colors don't have numbers but rather are filled in with gray. I would do all of the browns first, black, the grays and then white if I had to do it over again. 3) if you don't want to see the brush strokes then you have to do EVERY number at least twice. You will have to do some of the light colors 2 or 3 times anyway to cover the number. 4) the mixing isn't that big of a deal, but do it all in one shot, at least for one coat. If not, you cannot go back to touch up an area you previously did because it will not match. 5) no matter how hard you try, you will miss some of the numbers and have to go back. Don't let it stress you out. Overall, I thought the product was great. There was enough paint and the colors seemed correct as to what was on the box. The paint was in good condition. I will definitely be doing another!