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The background is purple, not blue!
I was not a fan of this PBN for several reasons. First, the colors are not even close to what is shown on the picture. The background is purple, not blue. Most of the pine needles are more of a lime green color, rather than hunter green. Lime and purple are not two colors that I would say go well together. The numbers are not always listed in the section that needs to be painted, but rather in another section with a line pointing to it, so it may get painted over before you go to paint that color. Some of the sections didn't even have a number on the picture or the paper guide it gives you, so you have to guess. There is not even a chance that this is drawn with the detail shown on the front, so even if it were the correct colors, it would not look like the picture when finished. Lastly, I did not like the finish of the paint or that you had to thin out every color with water before even starting.