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Easy build!
I've started on this plane and so far I've only noticed one thing I'm not too fond of. The 8 50cal gun barrels are very easy to bend or break off if you're not being extra careful, especially when trimming the parts from the sprue material. Just be extra careful. The fit of the parts seems really good. The cockpit is 1 solid piece other than the control panel and the joystick which I like. It has good detail, a great place to do some dry brushing. I sprayed the fuselage and wings in Testors silver enamel, let it dry for a couple days, then went back and salt weathered them, over coating with Model Masters acrylic olive drab and neutral gray. Turned out to be a little too much weathering but I still really like it. Definitely need to get the canopy soaked in some Future floor polish. I'm building the Oakie version and I'll need to weather the decals as well. All in all it's a nice smaller plane with less parts that can really get detailed well if you like. Will post a finished picture once completed but it's turning out to be a great buy. I'd build it twice! (And I might!). Would definitely recommend to anyone.