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A nice quick build
This was my first kit and oh did I make some mistakes! Good one to learn on though. The fit was great on every part other than the clear parts. I couldn't really get them to not have gaps but then again it was my first build. Then I used regular CA not knowing it would fog the glass. The cockpit is really nicely detailed (too bad you couldn't see mine). The body has some good detail and the decals are really extensive. I do believe the nose come was missing from my kit but then again I could've simply thrown it away. (Again, first build). I also sprayed it in dullcoat, forgetting it would frost my canopy entirely. Again, another mistake on my part. Would I reccomend it? You bet I would! It's the perfect first kit to buy. It's not expensive, it's well made, gives you plenty of good decal practice, and 2 tone paint practice. And if you make a mistake, it doesn't break the bank. I loved building it back then and I'll probably build it several more times in the future just to see how much I've improved my skills. Love the p-51s!