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A Very Detailed Build!
What an awesome build! Took me 3 weeks at about 4 hours every other night working on this one. Very detailed kit from what I'm used to, and with 118 pieces each one receives at least one paint color if not multiple. CONSTRUCTION - The most time I spent I found was cleaning the parts from the sprues and checking everything as I went along for fitment. The rest was spent painting and gluing. I was a little disappointed that the wheel wells lack any detail up inside (and it's visible if you turn the model upside down) but the rest of the kit made up for details. The fuselage can definitely use some putty as there will certainly be small gaps after gluing. The landing gear assembly was not clearly explained in the instructions either, I spent quite some time scratching my head. The glass canopy was a better fit than most Revell models, but still the hinged top is very very delicate and the hinge on mine broke and fell down inside the plane right as I was applying the last decal - ugh! So I opted to use clear parts glue and just glued it in the up position. Will do. My favorite part was the rocket launchers, however they are time consuming to say the least when it comes to painting. PAINTING - I do not own an airbrush but after this kit I will certainly be looking into one only on the basis of the silver body (I did the standard version, not the Pathfinder or Night version) but this is no ones fault but my own. Brushing a nice even coat of silver still did not produce the nice smooth effect I was hoping for but nevertheless the finish still turned out quite nice. Every part in the kit does receive at least one paint color, if not multiple. And if your not building the Pathfinder Bomba Dear version there is no need to buy any blue paint as I found out. DECALS - we're great, my only complaint is there could have been more! I really like decals, the more detailed, the more accurate the build looks and in this case there was only a handful that applied to the standard Marge build. But that's ok. Overall a great kit for anyone but patience is needed for a lot of it. Very detailed!