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Paint much green anyone?
Ill start off by saying if you're going to build the Jaunty Jo version and you have an airbrush - do yourself a HUGE favor and before you start cutting anything from the sprues, airbrush the entire sprues olive drab. Spray everything olive drab unless it looks like a gun or is clear. It'll save you SOOOOO much time hand painting all the OD, which is about 90% of the parts. When you get to the wings to glue them on - use EPOXY! Don't try to CA or cement them on. By the time your almost done with the build and you've carefully turned the model from upside down to right side up and back again quite a few times, it's likely one wing can come off if you don't epoxy them on. When you get to the nose - the 4 guns that get glued into place and then poked through the 4 little holes, make SURE they are glued well! If not, you'll slide that nose piece on and one will come loose, making an already tedious task of gluing the clear nose parts together even harder. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to really take your time when gluing together the nose section to get it right. Trust me it can assemble together flawlessly if you are patient and really dry fit as you go along. It'll prevent many of the issues people write about this part of the build. Other than that, another great kit, wish the panel lines weren't raised. Also, take your time detailing the cockpit - it WILL be visible. Definitely a tail sitter but I fixed that by super gluing fishing weights into every place not going to be seen possible in the nose of the plane. A great build! I recommend it but just pay attention to the minor details on this one. It will be rewarding!