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Kentucky Fried Chicken(R) Drive In Kit

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Brown Bears (4)

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Recreation & Sports Motorbikes w/Riders (3)

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Hampden Fire Engine House #46 Kit

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Modern Parking Lot Light - Double Square

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Kim's Classic American Home Kit

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HO 1950 Vending Machine, Coca-Cola/Red & White

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Universal Input 18V 3mm LEDs Fire Kit

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Cougars & Cubs (6)

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This one is a beauty, a perfect station wagon for campers at my campsite. Not sure if it offers much protection against angry bears, but it sure accommodates campers just fine. The two tone color sche....
Very nice details on this '67 Ford Galaxie police car, right down to the red light on top and whitewall tires. Fits into my layout quite nicely.....
Very good reproduction of a 1957 Plymouth Suburban station wagon. This will serve as a more than adequate background car in my layout. Not as extensively detailed as some cars in my layout but does th....
Love this house! It wasn't hard to build and looks just like the Craftsman style houses I remember seeing in PA where I grew up. Excellent detail all the way around (down to the Bilco basement do....
Very stylish light that found a unique place in my layout (illuminating the area around my ranger tower). Easy to install and very bright. Like the bell shaped galvanized steel shade.....
Very nicely detailed Chevy garbage truck as I remember them from years ago. Goes great in my layout. It did have one issue, the trash compactor part was not attached to the chassis and I had to gl....
Just installed this light in a parking lot in my layout today. It definitely provides just the right amount of light for that particular scene. Nice build and looks great. My ONLY quibble with this an....
I cannot get over the detail on this Corvair, looks just like the ones I remember seeing on the road in my youth. Can still hear the sound of that rear-mounted engine. Very happy.....
This is authentic as it gets, the iconic VW hippie bus in HO scale. My layout is set in the late 60's and this VW fits just perfectly. Great detail on the tie-dyed paint and such. My only quibble....
This ranch house was very easy to build, nicely detailed and even included a number of different curtains for the windows. And for me it makes a perfect small town radio station.....