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When I found a Tamiya for the price, I had my suspicions about the level of detail. Those suspicions turned out to be justified. This vehicle reminded me more of a Monogram with the detail. The fro....
This was my second Tamiya kit, and my first military build. It is hard to find anything to dislike about a Tamiya. Clean parts. Clear instructions. Nice tolerance between parts. Yes, you'll ....
This is the third Moebius kit I have built. The first one went together beautifully and was comparable to a Tamiya. I encountered some issues with the second one, and so wasn't as enthused. I ....
I was pleased for the most part with this kit. It has minimal flash as you would expect with a Revell. Most of the parts went together well. I was very pleased with the window glass. The windows a....
This kit went together pretty well most of the way. Minimal flash. It is a little light on the number of parts, but some more inexperienced builders might find this preferable. There was an issue w....
I built the 1952 Hudson Hornet convertible first, which convinced me to try another Moebius. This 1954 Hudson Hornet Special has the same great detailing of the interior and engine. I was convinced t....
This kit is a typical Revell. The parts go together well. There was a bit more flash than I am used to encountering with a Revell. There were a couple of issues that slowed down the completion of t....
My kit went together very well. The way everything lined up and fit together reminded me of a Tamiya kit. I did not build the Fooze version and did not encounter the problems as mentioned in some of....
My wife decided I needed an orange model in my collection. I'm not crazy about orange, but I chose this kit because if she had a real one she'd take it out and see if she could get it stuck....
Overall this kit is a fairly straight-up Revell. Most parts fit well and little flash. I did encounter a couple of problems requiring some modification. If i glued the steering wheel with the tab o....
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