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This is a very good kit, but it may be a little challenging for newer builders. The build is simple and the model goes together quickly and easily, though in this scale there are a lot of little parts....
I have used this with AK, Tamiya, Vallejo, Mission Models, Citadel, AKAH, Acryl, scale 75, Hataka, and Ammo of Mig paints and it has worked great with all of them. Just a little goes a long way and wo....
While it's exciting to get a kit that offers you so many options (and so many extra pieces for your spares box when you're done!), this whole thing is based on the TrumpeterM1A1 kit from the....
I have been wanting to build this plane for a LONG time and this kit is the first time I've been able to do it in plastic, in this scale. The kit is nearly perfect. There are s few fit problems b....
I enjoyed building this kit but there were a few issues that make me recommend it only for experienced builders. The instructions are a bit vague at times and it takes some careful dry fitting to figu....
I just received the box and I'm already painting bombs! This kit is great and provides some weapons I haven't found anywhere else. There are a few minor issues that I'll get out of the ....
The fact that this is the only 1/48 scale kit of this plane on the market makes it a winner. The fact that it is really well produced makes it even better. The big picture details are spot on. There a....
This is a great kit of a rare subject. Not for beginers for sure, but you don't need to be a master builder either. There are a LOT of really small parts in subassemblies. I am not quite finished....
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