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I thoroughly enjoyed this simple kit. I was so happy to get a C Model Huey. They were not as good or as powerful as some of the later Ds but they were tough birds. This model is good for any skill bui....
This model was everything I thought it would be and more. More details, more pieces, more sub assemblies, more frustrations, more time spent, and more patience needed. With that said, let me say that ....
This Vietnam era tank model was a fun and easy build. It took me longer to paint the commander and driver than build the tank. There really was no difficult areas in assembly and if you consider how l....
This is another of the long running near perfect models produced by Tamiya. No matter what they cast, you can believe it will be an easy build because of fit. I enjoyed assembling this tank for my col....
I was excited to not only get this helicopter for my collection, but also to build it. It has some unbelievable features that are very different from the usual helicopter model. The main one is the co....
I was excited to put this kit together. It was not the usual for me being that it was Lindberg, but I liked the option of making it Israeli. It is a well molded kit and all the parts fit as designed. ....
This was a nice kit to assemble. It does fall short on some detail but with the number of small parts to get the shields right, it made up for any that were lacking and was a tedious challenge. I enjo....
This is a very well molded kit with excellent fit. I really enjoyed building this tank. Everything was as it should be and the Commander with his infantry is a nice touch. This E8 tank was a very diff....
This kit was a joy to build. It was very well cast and the fit was second to none. Even though it was a simple and quick build, it was very rewarding to see the finished product as designed. I had no ....
This little model (even though 1/48th scale) is really true to size. In the real world they aren't much bigger than 2 crew but they are amazing machines. This kit was very easy to build even thou....
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