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I’d forgotten why I stopped building semi trucks until I started this one. If you so much as look at it wrong, a part will fall off. The biggest problem that I had was getting the hood to line up. I....
Tamiya Honda NSX Plastic Model Car Kit 1/24 Scale #24344

Honda NSX

Review By Chuck
If you're looking for a challenging 1/24 scale model, then you won't be disappointed with this one (in my opinion). I've never seen so many pieces included in a kit of this size. The only complaints w....
I've had the worst luck with models lately! This model has been a struggle to build because everything is warped. The windshield, one inner door panel, and both valences had a slight twist on them req....
This was a great model to build, and my favorite. This was the biggest model that I've ever built, and the details are fantastic. My only complaint was having to shorten the rear axle so that the Foos....
This glue works great for windows because you don't get the haze that you get with regular model glue. It dries clear, and if you do get squeeze out on a window you can wait for it to dry and gently s....
At first I thought it was a little pricey for a tube of glue, but I'm glad that I splurged! This glue works great! It has flow as soon as you need it, not like some others that you have to prime first....
I really liked the details of this kit, especially the engine. I didn't like all of the extra material that had trimmed away before it could be built. I had to remove 1/8 of a inch from the driveshaft....
I enjoyed the complexity of it, I just wish that the windshield was a little bit bigger because it barely fit in the frame. It's neat to see how cars were built back in the day. Very detailed.....
I really need to start paying more attention to the specifications on these kits! 35 pieces in total. Great for a beginner, but not much fun for anyone else. In my opinion, if you are looking for a C3....
These brushes are great for fine detail work. I was using toothpicks for the fine stuff, but you have so much more control with these fine brushes and you don't lose the details like you would with th....
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