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HMS Victory 1765

1/180 Scale
Plastic Model Sailing Ship Kit
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Airfix # arx09252
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Construct the Flagship "HMS Victory" with This 1/180 Scale Plastic Assembly Kit by Airfix. Suitable for Modelers Age 12 and Oler.

German Heavy Cruiser Belst Boat

1/700 Scale
Plastic Model Military Ship Kit
$40.00 $32.00
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Tamiya # tam31805
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The Germania Belst Company from Kiel constructed the Prinz Eugen as the third and last Admiral Hipper Class Heavy Cruiser to be commissioned by the Kriegsmarine. Admiral Hipper Class Heavy Cruisers were characteristically larger than heavy cruisers from other countries, and the huge Prinz Eugen was elongated an additional 5 meters. With a displacement tonnage measuring at over 14,000tons this enormous German cruiser packed the firepower of four 20.3cm twin gun turrets for its main armament. In May of 1941 the Prinz Eugen participated in Operation Rheinubung to intercept trade ships in the Atlantic. On this mission she joined forces with the Battleship Bismarck to help sink the British Battle