Perfect Plastic Putty Tube (1.4oz 40ml)

This is the Deluxe-Materials Perfect Plastic Putty Tube (1.4oz 40ml) of hobby and plastic model putty.

Deluxe-Materials Perfect Plastic Putty Tube (1.4oz 40ml) Hobby and Plastic Model Putty #bd44
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Features :
  • Apply with small spatula, smooth and allow to dry
  • Fills fine gaps
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Spotlight Review

"LOVE this stuff!"
I would always cringe when I had to use putty before I came across this stuff; hated the goopy, oil-based slop of your typical putty. This, on the other hand is amazing stuff. No mixing involved, it goes on really well and is easily worked into gaps. Best of all, if you find that it's drying and you're still working an area, add a tiny amount of water and keep going! You can even add multiple layers quickly in one area if you prefer to build up that way. It sands well, doesn't crack, dries quickly enough and there's no toxic-like odor. Water cleanup as well! This is now my go to putty!

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  • Apply with small spatula, smooth and allow to dry
  • Fills fine gaps


  • Deluxe-Materials Product Number: BD44

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"Very strong and easy to use"
This is a must for every model builder! It fills in an gaps easily. Dries quickly and than you can sand it to form any thing you would like.

"Does More Than Label Describes"
michael.miller (
The putty is for filling small gaps, according to the label, but I have used it to mold small parts and add detail to existing parts. Usually I build the putty up in layers, let it dry, sand and shape, then add another thin layer if needed. Once the desired shape is obtained, then the paint seems to soak into the bare putty, giving it strength and allowing a final sanding to a very smooth finish. The putty will dry out on you quickly at the top of the tube and in the cap. When unstopping the neck of the tube, one has to make sure all the hardened pieces are removed or you will get streaked applications when trying to create a smooth surface.

"The Best Plastic Putty Ever Created!"
This stuff is the best and is highly recommended as a plastic model filler.

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