Bf109E3 1/JG2 Fighter Germany 1940

This is the 1/32 Scale Bf109E3 1/JG2 Fighter Germany 1940 Plastic Model Airplane Kit by Eduard Models.

Eduard-Models Bf109E3 1/JG2 Fighter Germany 1940 Plastic Model Airplane Kit 1/32 Scale #3402
 Eduard Models # edu3402
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"A nice looking kit when completed, but be prepared for headaches!"
Martin L (Manchester, NH)
This is a very nicely detailed kit with great quality molded parts. There was very little flash, no warping, no sink marks and ejector pin witness marks were away from visible areas. The clear parts were very clear and nicely molded too. The exterior surfaces include finely recessed panel lines and rivet details, although some of the rivets are too fine for them to be enhanced by a dark wash during the finishing stage of building the model. The kit includes a detailed Daimler Benz DB601A engine, bulkhead with electrical cabinets and firewall. On top of that are seated the two engine mounted machine guns. The cockpit is very nicely detailed too and includes the option to use the molded-in dials instrument panels or smooth instrument panels to which you apply decals. You have the option to either close the cowlings up, or leave them off and build the engine/bulkhead/firewall assembly for display. Now, this is where there is an issue that you're not made aware of on the box before you buy it- you cannot display the engine and also cover it up by dropping the cowlings in place, it doesn't work. They don't fit around the internal assembly details, and therefore, it's either engine displayed or cowlings closed. That said, why pay the extra $12.00 for this kit if you're not going to display the engine when compared to a Revell 1/32 kit that doesn't include an engine? Now, I decided that I wanted to display the engine assemblies and left the cowling off, but, after building the engine/bulkhead/firewall assembly, which goes together very well, your troubles begin when you try to fit that into the fuselage. For starters, the exhaust stacks are too long and wide to fit through the apertures in the sides of the fuselage halves, and so, I used a Swiss file to make the apertures larger to allow the exhaust stacks to slide through. Once I had got passed that hurdle the next hurdle arose; I assumed that the top of the radiator housing, fitted into the fuselage halves, was the seat for supporting and positioning the engine, but it isn't, there's a gap between the two and so the engine isn't supported, and therefore, if pressure is applied on the top of the engine, you're likely to shear off the exhausts within their apertures. To overcome this, I glued a spacer beneath the engine onto the top of the radiator to support it and position it so that the exhaust stacks aligned perfectly with their apertures. Okay, with that second hurdle out of the way, I then discovered that the length of the engine/bulkhead firewall assembly was too long by about 1.5 to 2.0mm and it wouldn't locate into the recesses molded into the sides of the fuselage. To overcome this, I had to file back the recesses by about 0.5mm- 1.00mm and file the front of the oil cooler tank mounted to the front of the engine. That worked and now I could glue that into the starboard side fuselage half. The next problem arose when I dry fitted the portside fuselage half to the starboard side to enclose the engine within the two; the engine assembly was too wide for the fuselage halves to close and there was a gap of around 2.0mm between the mating edges of the fuselage halves. I therefore had to file down the sides of the oil cooler tank, the inside walls of the fuselage, the side of the radiator, the internal wall sections around the exhaust stacks, and, file down the first/front exhaust stack either side of the engine to get the fuselage halves to close. once I'd gotten through that headache, and the fuselage was all glued together, it was smooth sailing from thereon. The main decals are very good and go down very well onto a gloss clear coated surface assisted with some decal setting solution, conforming nicely to raised and recessed features. The small stencils however, did have a tendency to silver, but, I overcome that by hiding it with paint and weathering. The black and white 8 page instruction booklet has clear and easy to follow assembly steps, a painting guide and decal guide. There is only one option of markings and colors available, that of Weisse 7 JG2 commanded by the ace Luftwaffe Pilot Otto Bertram. This is definitely not a kit for a beginner but for a more intermediate modeler that has the patience to overcome the fit issues discussed above. It looks very nice when conquered, but I have to ask myself: Why would I pay $12.00 more for this kit that has these fit issues, just to display an engine, when compared to a newly tooled Revell Germany kit that literally falls together, because of how well engineered they are? I'd say, forget about the engine, save your money, save your frustration and choose the Revell kits over this one. This is just my opinion after building both this BF109E-3 and Revell's BF109G-10 and comparing the two builds. In today's modern technologically advanced world of CAD/CAM within the injection mold tooling industries, it is inexcusable to have such poorly fitting and engineered product. As a professional Mechanical and Plastics Engineer myself, I do have to consider that maybe this kit had poorly processed fuselage halves, wherein because of how long those parts are, they shrank more than expected- due to the process not being set on the molding machine to the parameters required to achieve the acceptable dimensions and they escaped the metrology evaluations of the Quality Control department? Would I recommend this kit: NO, not based on this one I built, and because of the fit issues I could only give it a 3 star rating. The fact that it has great details saved that rating from being lower.

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