F3H Demon F3H-2N/F3H-2M (F3C) USN Fighter

This is the 1/72 scale F3H Demon F3H-2N/F3H-2M (F3C) USN Fighter plastic model airplane kit from Emhar/squadron.

Emhar-squadron F3H Demon F3H-2N/F3H-2M (F3C) USN Fighter Plastic Model Airplane Kit 1/72 Scale #3002
 Emhar/squadron # emh3002
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Emhar/squadron Item # emh3002
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Spotlight Review

"Other Manufacturers"
I like trying kit manufacturers that I have no experience with. It can be risky, but often the results are worth the risk. That is the case here. I have never built a model from Emhar. I would build another. This kit representing McDonnell-Douglas's sister ship to the F-101 Voodoo is a fine little model. The recessed panel lines are more pronounced than many more expensive kits. The only difficulties with assembly were a small gap between fuselage and wing which application of traction after glueing remedied, and the edges of the decals curl up before the entire decal is set to float off the paper. A little attention is all that is required with the decals. I am very satisfied with the results; a nice kit.

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  • Emhar-squadron Product Number: 3002


"Solid kit"
Good kit - solid fit. No real issues and the detail is sufficient for my tastes. You definitely have to add weight to the nose if you intend to pose it on its landing gears.

"Not good"
This was my first go around with an Emhar kit and in all honesty probably won't be doing another one. Kit contains 2 gray sprues and 1 clear parts sprue. The parts are very softly molded with engraved panel lines. However the panel are very inconsistent, some are like trenches (way out of scale), and some have to be re-scribed because they are so shallow or fade away into nothing. Fuselage halves went together OK, but the panel lines do not match up from one fuselage half to the other. Every seam on the kit needed filler, some needed a lot of filler. There was NO detail in the cockpit, no decal, no raised detail, nothing. Decals were a little difficult. Some requiring 5 mins. in water to break them loose from the backing. When you put the decals onto the model they wrinkle up something fierce. But with patience and some Q-tips you can roll them down and actually get them to look pretty good, they just take a lot of work .I think that pretty much sums up this kit: the end result is not awful if viewed from a distance just know its going to take some effort.

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