Bull Pup 12D Model Rocket Kit

Sport scale version of the USAF AGM -12D Bull Pup. Plastic tail cone and authentic color decals! Great first scale model!

Estes Bull Pup 12D Model Rocket Kit Skill Level 2 #7000
 Estes Rockets # est7000
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Estes Rockets Item # est7000
Specifications :
  • Length: 15.6" (39.6 cm)
  • Diameter: 1.33" (33.8 mm)
  • Weight: 1.8 oz (51 g)
  • Recovery: 12" (30 cm) parachute
  • Fins: Laser cut wood fins
  • Maximum Altitude: 675 ft. (206 m)
  • Estes Product Number: 7000
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Spotlight Review

"Estes Bull Pup 12D, Great Looking, but Desperately Needs Upgrades"
I've seen an Estes Bull Pup 12D launch before in light winds and it wasn't pretty. 1st, Estes only has 1 long launch lug in the middle of the BT-55 body tube, split the lug in 1/2, attach one body diameter from front and closer to the back on the BT-55 body tube, making sure they align and do not bind. This is a safety issue and will eliminate almost all wind cocking. 2nd, If your launch rod is too short, use higher impulse composite motors. 3rd, No engine retainer, but can be upgraded to a plastic screw type, from a fin can, in an Estes Mix-N-Match 50 Kit. Swapping out the stock engine tube and re-centering for the tail cone/boat tail. Rough up the plastic mounting area and use epoxy, or CA, leaving enough room for the screw nut retainer to fit and it will fit tightly, after some sanding. It'll also be stronger than the stock mount and won't eject the casing at deployment. 4th, swap out the clay counterweight, for epoxy and BB's, or Lead pellets, of appropriate mass, it's more stable and won't shift or deform under G-loading. After opening the bulkhead for access, in the nose cone, scratch up the interior of the nose cone, the rougher, the better, just like the fin can. 5th, since it's so short of an air frame, install an ejection baffle and your chute won't melt. 6th, replace stock rubber shock cord, with 90 of 80 lbs. nylon braided fishing line, nylon parachute slightly larger than stock, for the increased mass and a 3 Nomex parachute protector. This will give your Bull Pup 12D a more professional appearance, stable flight and more reliable recovery.

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  • Flights up to 675 feet (206m)
  • Scale model of the USAF AGM-12D Bull Pup air-to-ground missile
  • Laser cut wood fins
  • 12" parachute recovery
  • Self-stick decals
  • One year warranty
  • Detailed illustrated assembly and launching instructions


  • Length: 15.6" (39.6 cm)
  • Diameter: 1.33" (33.8 mm)
  • Weight: 1.8 oz (51 g)
  • Recovery: 12" (30 cm) parachute
  • Fins: Laser cut wood fins
  • Maximum Altitude: 675 ft. (206 m)
  • Estes Product Number: 7000


  • One model rocket kit
  • Decals
  • Detailed Instructions

Requirements & Suggestions

For How To Launch a Model Rocket

For How To Build a Model Rocket

  • How To Build a Model Rocket
  • Sandpaper
  • Model Rocket Glue (TES3501) or Cement (HLC107)
  • Hobby Knife
  • Masking Tape (PACMT104)
  • Sanding Sealer for fins
  • How to Paint a Model Rocket
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
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"Nice Scale"
Had this rocket when I was young my first rocket Great looking kit to have. MUST Have

"Classic good looking semi-scale"
rbeard2 (Dayton, OH)
I got mine from hobbylinc.com over Christmas and have recently assembled it with the following modifications: I replaced the 18mm motor mount with a 24mm mount and lengthened the body tube by about 8 inches (with a body tube and connectors bought here as well) to compensate for the additional engine weight. I finished the rocket in Chrome spray paint and the stock decals made it look great! It did require a few lead split-shots epoxied in the tip of the nose cone to prevent instability. The boat-tail and canards give this bird a special look - add one to your fleet!

"Bull Pup 12D - Great looking rocket"
This is a great little rocket to add to your collection. No suprises here - it was pretty much as I expected. Not hard to build - the most difficult thing was applying the decals only because there are tons of them - but that what makes this so great looking. I used a white gloss paint over the entire rocket. It comes with a little clay/putty that you push into the nose cone. I suspect this is for CG purposes. You'll need something much slimmer than a pencil that the instructions show. I used the end of a coat hanger but you could also use a launch rail. This is a beauty and I think you'll enjoy making it

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