Sonic Model Rocket Igniter

This is the Sonic Igniters from the Pro Series by Estes. Suitable for Ages 10 & Older with Adult Supervision for Those Under 12.

Estes Sonic Model Rocket Igniter Pro Series II (4) Rocket Motor Starter #2305
 Estes Rockets # est2305
Retail $5.99  SAVE 22% !
Estes Rockets Item # est2305
Specifications :
  • Estes Product Number: 2305
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Spotlight Review

"Cheaper alternative to First Fire Jr"
Bought one pack to try and used two so far. Lit a 24mm Aerotech F and a 29mm Aerotech G without hesitation. If the first two are indicative of overall quality I would say that these are a great substitute for First Fire Jr at half the price.

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Igniters used for the Pro Series motors.


  • Estes Product Number: 2305


Four Sonic Igniters

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Watch Your Power Source"
FinBurner (
I have had issues using these at our club launches due to the fact that we use a car battery to power the ignition source. Vthis caused the igniters to pop quickly instead of flashing long enough to ignite the fuel. Adding a 1 Ohm 5 Watt resistor in series helped a lot.

"Simple and Effective"
Good for Estes branded Aerotech motors that do not come with regular igniters.

"Small Igniters that pack a big punch"
These igniters surprised me. For years I have made my own igniters out of shooter wire, nichrome wire, and my home made pyrogen formula. These often have a high resistance and some launch systems have trouble firing them due to lack of sufficient current. I used these to light my own experimental motors (38/120 and 29/120) and they worked great! The motors did not light quickly, but they lit. They are a little on the expensive side at the retail price, but the sale prices here on Hobbylinc make these a great purchase.

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