Late French Artillery WWI

This is a 1/72 scale Late French Artillery WWI plastic model set from Hat Industries Figures.

Hat Late French Artillery WWI Plastic Model Weapon Kit 1/72 Scale #8161
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Hat Industries Figures Item # hat8161
Features :
  • With late French crew with helmets and riders for limber and horse train
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Spotlight Review

"Pretty but Hard to Assemble"
This is an attractive model of the 75mm. I had trouble getting the cannon barrel to stay in place. The back of the box showed a peg on the bottom of the barrel sticking into a hole in the frame, but the actual model had a peg on the left and right sides of the barrel sticking into u-shaped brackets on the frame. It isn’t clear to me that those brackets would really hold the barrel securely. Also, it seemed like the gun’s weight was too far forward that it might not stay balanced. (It is worth noting that my son plays with these models as toys, so durability is more important to me than the average user.) I was able to fix these issues by using bondic to create extra material holding the gun in place - which seems to be working fine. (I also trimmed a round protrusion on the side of the barrel, but that may not have been necessary.) The holes on the blast shield are spaced a bit more narrowly than the pegs on the frame. I trimmed the outside of one of the pegs a bit and the fit seemed fine. This set also includes some French soldiers in a riding position that don’t seem to have a place in this set. Presumably, they would go on the accompanying caisson. This is unusual, but I am not complaining about extra figures. (Note: I haven’t built the ammo carriers yet.) All in all, I think it is fine set for my purposes.

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