HMS Victory

This is the 1/100 Scale HMS Victory Plastic Model Sailing Ship Kit by Heller.

Heller HMS Victory Plastic Model Sailing Ship Kit 1/100 Scale #80897
 Heller # hlr80897
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Heller Item # hlr80897
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  • Heller Product Number: 80897
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"personal hobby"
complete model, nothing missing. great detail, excellent design

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  • Plastic kit for static display.
  • 2107 parts in brown, tan, black & white plastic plus vacuum-formed sails.
  • Detailed hull replicates the carvings along the sides, bow, & stern of the original and also includes the gunports for the cannon.
  • Full mast detail with cross spars and crow's nests.
  • Deck detail includes hatches, bulkheads, and lifeboats.
  • The kit includes a special "rigging machine" for making the ratlines for the masts. Comprehensive instructions are provided for its use
  • along with.
  • 4 spools of different thickness thread to make the ratlines and other rigging.
  • No English Instructions included. Instructions only in French. Pictures and Diagrams are used for assembling.


  • Heller Product Number: 80897


One 1/100 Plastic HMS Victory

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Beautiful Model has Wrinkles"
No eight year old could succeed with this model without major adult assistance (and **experienced** adult assistance at that). The instruction sheets have far too many details per sheet, making it difficult to see where the parts attach. Many many parts which must be assembled as two halves (cannon barrels, masts, yards) have NO guide pins to aid alignment - one must carefully align before the glue hardens. The rigging instructions are given as unintelligible scattered details in micro-print and one is best to buy a good reference book such as Longridge in order to understand the rigging. Heller, unbelievably, forgot that the yardarms must somehow attach to the masts. There is no provision whatsoever for this. The lower yards in particular on a real ship had complex rigging dedicated to holding them to the masts. Heller has completely omitted this rigging. And in order to add this rigging one must add items like extra ringbolts on the decks, hence the need for a good reference book as mentioned above. The supplied rigging blocks are best discarded - they look nothing like blocks due to the way they are molded, and are unusable. Buy wooden blocks instead. To the experienced ship modeler, Heller's interpretation of the deadeye chains does not look realistic and they forgot about the preventer links. Despite all the above shortcomings, this kit still builds into the most impressive plastic ship model on the market, IF you can manage it. Just be warned that it is not easy. Also note that there are sets of etched brass parts available on the market specific to this kit, which for the experienced modeler can add much valuable detail.

"Looking for Men for this model"
I just started to build this ship. I have decided to incorporate men onboard this ship. I have seen other models with Sailors, Officers, and Marines onboard, but I can not find plastic men for this scale. Just today I found a site a man built the ship with 152 men in all kinds of action. Does anyone know where I may buy these 152 men for my model as well?? There will be some thing extra in your pay check for your help. Thank you Roger

"A fantastic model when finished"
jmabry26757 (Romney,WV)
When this kit is finished it makes a impressive model. But this isn't a model to be built in a day. Be prepared to not only spend months building it, but time spent researching to correct the inaccuracy in the instructions. There are wrong colors called out. Also there isn't any black thread included for the standing rigging. They instruct you to dye the white thread. Also the deadeyes are impossible to use. I ended up buying black thread and wooden deadeyes. I would recommend noting on the instructions where each rigging line starts and ends to avoid confusion when rigging. I also marked off each line in the rigging line size list then it was installed. This is not a kit for beginners but if you have patience you will be impressed when completed.


  • This kit has been called the most detailed ship model ever produced.
  • For example, each cannon consists of 7 parts and there are over 100 of them!

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