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Product Description

This is a Large Rocket Kit Designed for Aeroforce G Composite Hobby Rocket Motors. It's four inches in diameter and made by Aerotech. It's a skill level 3 model for ages 16 years and up.

Product Features
  • Easy to build - fun to fly with composite power.
  • Large rocket is five feet tall, ruggedly constructed, and makes roaring 750 foot high flights.
  • Precision airfoil molded fins.
  • FIN-LOK fin mounting system.
  • Integrated load distribution structure.
  • Sturdy pre-slotted body tube.
  • Adaptors permit use of various size and type Aerotech motors.
  • Motor retention system for quick and easy motor change.
  • Labyrinth ejection gas cooling system.
  • Tangle free shock cord mounting structure.
  • High strength elastic shock cord.
  • Pre-assembled fabric parachute.
  • Molded nose cone.
  • Large colorful adhesive decals.
  • Complete illustrated instructions.
  • Box converts to a rocket assembly and display cradle.
  • Designed for Aerotech G composite hobby rocket motors.
  • Four inch diameter kit can be flown with a variety of Aerotech composite propellant rocket motors.
Product Specifications
  • Length: 60" (152cm)
  • Diameter: 4" (10.1cm)
  • Weight: 32 oz. (907 grams (without motor)
  • Recovery System: 42" Parachute
  • Nose Cone: 4:1 Ogive
  • Stages: 1
  • Aerotech Product Number: 89021
What's Included

One Large Rocket Kit for Aeroforce G Composite Hobby Rocket Motors

Requirements & Suggestions
  • Assembly
  • CA or Epoxy Cement
  • Accelerator for CA Cement
  • Paint: see box photo
  • Brushes
  • #240 Grit Sandpaper
  • Hobby Knife with #11 Blade
  • 12" Ruler (with 1/16" resolution)
  • 1/8" Diameter Wood Dowel at Least 12" Long
  • Aerotech G Composite Hobby Rocket Motor (see COMMENTS)
  • Adult Supervision
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Most Helpful Reviews - View All - Write a Review
Just a few defects
By msteht September 15, 2012
Over all the rocket was pretty easy to install provided you have some experiance. No wood at all on this rocket it's all done with modeling cement so that was nice. It has something that is new to me that I'm curious to see in action and that is instead of the parashoot coming out of the nose cone it comes out right at the middle section. Two things I didn't like we're the way the fins and nose cone came out of the cast, the fins needed sanding and some putty to fill right at the base where it came out of the mold ( very easy and just cosmetic) however the nose cone wasn't perfectly round, when standing back you can see a slight slant since one side is slightly more curved than the other, but it's really small and unless you have a rediciously sharp eye like mine most people will still have a hard time seeing it even after I point it out. But over all it was a good rocket to build.
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$66 are you kidding?
By jayorr November 3, 2012
What a great rocket! I have flown hundreds of mid & high powered rockets, and this one is too cool. Lets face it, these are simple rockets, easy to assemble. Nothing hard here. When you are done you have a very impressive looking bird. Low performance due to high mass, but this rocket could easily be flown on H power. For killer G flights, get a Mustang. I love mine! I read msteht review of this rocket. FOR HEAVENS SAKE, USE EPOXY ON THESE ROCKETS1 And don't skimp on the epoxy. I also built mine with the body tubes EPOXIED together. The nose cone slips into the airframe easier than the coupler, just something I like better. And seriosly, &66? What a deal
Was this review helpful to you? 55 of 55 people liked this
By ddisme50 March 6, 2013
I purchased this rocket from Hobbylic at a wonderful price of $66.59 and was the lowest price by far I could find. This is my first build on a mid-power rocket and I have to say it was very simple with easy to follow instructions. I took the suggestion from one of the other commenters and used epoxy (15 min) and didn't skimp on it either. I would have no problem or concerns with loading this bird with an H power engine. I encountered no problems during the building of this impressive rocket, all the parts were manufactured to compliment the other. I would suggest this rocket to anyone no matter what their skill level is. Like I said, this was my first large rocket and I had no problems following the directions and fabrication was simple. Thanks Hobbylinc!
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This is one big rocket!
By davidhoward April 7, 2014
Assembly is straight forward on the G Force. I really like the fin-loc system. One thing to do is to pre-fit the fins before applying glue as per the directions. Make sure the rocket separates easily since this rocket pushes the edge of what the stock Aerotech ejection charge can handle. Mine will separate just from the weight of the bottom when you lift it by the nose and had no problems deploying the parachute. I used both CA for initial gluing and then epoxy to reinforce bulkheads and the fins from inside the tube. All the parts are quality made and the assembled rocket looks nice. On launch day folks really took notice! This rocket is big - it lifts off slow - and the G engines are loud as it gains momentum just like a real rocket. One stranger who was watching commented that it looked just like a NASA launch! Now for some cautions - the stock Aerotech launcher (Mantis)was challenged by this rocket. My advice - weigh down the launch pad legs with heavy objects (I'm trying pea gravel in ziplock freezer bags next time), don't shoot it any direction but straight up, and if you can find a stiffer and longer launch rod than the stock item you'll have better control over where this bad boy goes. I've watched cell phone video of our first launch and it looked like Elton John meets eight seconds. The launch pad was bucking and whipping around and the rocket man almost bit the dust! Overall a great looking and impressive rocket.
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Product Tags
Fin Type : Plastic Fins (70)
Engine Mount : 29mm (ARO F, G) (27)
Rocket Height : Over 36'' (48)
Recovery : Parachute (197)
Max Altitude : 750-1000 ft (25)
Stages : Single Stage (186)
Manufacturer Comments
  • Keep out of reach of small children.
  • Recommended Aerotech Motors
  • -Reloadable Motor System (RMS): G64-4W.
  • -Single Use Motors (SU): G40-4W, G80-4T, G35-4W, G38-4FJ.
  • Read over operations instructions very carefully.
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