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This Model Rocket Motor Reload Kit Contains One Reloadable Motor System (RMS) 29/40-120 Motor Hardware Designed by Aerotech. Federal Law Prohibits the Sale of This Product to Persons Under Age 18.

Aerotech 29mm RMS MOTOR E F G
 Aerotech # aro91291
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Aerotech Item # aro91291
Specifications :
  • Motor Diameter: 1.13" (29mm)
  • Motor Length: 4.88" (124mm)
  • Assembled Weight: 3.7oz - 5.6oz (104g - 159g)
  • Aerotech Product Number: 91291
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Spotlight Review

"A must have case"
jboldig (Stafford VA)
I bought my first Hobbyline RMS 29/40-120 case in 2003 and have been flying it ever since. A conservative estimate is 120 flights so far and I just ordered another dozen reloads for it. The Yellow silk screen label might be a little worse for wear, but the case itself is just as good as the day I got it. Considering the low cost of the reloads, you can't fly any cheaper than this case. I haven't met any adult rocket hobbyists that don't own at least one of these cases and many of them have two or more.

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  • For use with RMS 29mm E, F, G reloads.
  • The RMS 29/40-120 motor hardware can be used with Aerotech's E16, E23, F22, F40, F52, G33, G64 rocket motor reloads kits.
  • Primary use in single stage rockets.
  • They deliver power at the lowest per flight cost available in hobby rocketry.
  • RMS motors produce far less non-biodegradable waste than single-use motors.
  • Reflects the same reliablity, quality, and professional design.
  • Assembly and operation instructions provided.
  • Product warranty policies included.


  • Motor Diameter: 1.13" (29mm)
  • Motor Length: 4.88" (124mm)
  • Assembled Weight: 3.7oz - 5.6oz (104g - 159g)
  • Aerotech Product Number: 91291


  • 29mm Aft Closure
  • 29mm Case
  • 29mm Forward Closure
  • Grease

Requirements & Suggestions

  • Motor Reload Kit (Refer to FEATURES)
  • How To Build a Model Rocket
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"I enjoy this case"
Likely thousands of people have used this case. As for the claim that a cesaroni 2 grain case is $22 with rear closure.... it's not. the closure is another $18. Then the reloads are around $20, whereas the aerotech reloads are 10-15. I'm not bashing CTI here, I own full sets for 29 and 38mm. But the comment bashing the AT 29 40-120 is just out of line. Take your time, put it together properly, clean it well after use, and it's a great investment with many great motors. I own two and am planning to buy more just to save on loading time.

"You need this system!!"
rbeard2 (Dayton, OH)
For anyone considering the move to mid-power, you need one of these versatile reload casings from Aerotech! E16, F22, G79 and many other propellant kits and thrust curves are available for this one case! The instructions are very well illustrated and easy to follow and once you've put or three of the propellant kits together it becomes a piece of cake! I use mine at least once at every launch and if you have a flat surface (my car truck) and a pack of Clorox wipes, you can clean and reload your case between launches in about 5 minutes! Good stuff!

"Rocketry's Most Versatile Motor, Bar None"
This is the most versatile rocket motor casing in mid-power rocketry, period, spannng levels E to G with most every propellant formula in the Aerotech arsenal. With proper (and prompt) cleaning and preparation, it will last indefinitely. The aluminum threads on the closures and casing must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and debris after every use, and I suggest a toothbrush and solvent as needed. Use a liberal application of the recommended synthetic grease on the threads after cleaning. I've only had one CATO with this motor, and that was with the extremely powerful G138 High Power reload, not the mainstream reloads. And the reason was that I didn't apply grease to the liner-less G138's propellant grain casting tube, only to the metal casing. Subsequent assemblies where I DID slather the grease to the G138 grain AND the aluminum casing resulted in perfect performance of the motor casing with no perforation or even scorch marks. I now do this with the outside surface of the liner for all Aerotech reloads, and have found that it helps ensure success. The grease acts as a heat barrier and coolant between the burning propellant and the aluminum skin. Also, assembly-wise, you MUST be sure the installed propellant grain liner can slide easily within the metal casing prior to installing the closures. If it can't, the fore or aft o-rings might not compress properly, giving the flame a direct pathway to the metal casing, which could result in a breach and some pretty spectacular (and disappointing) pyrotechnics bringing down your missile prematurely. If it's too tight a fit, simply peel off the outermost layer of spirally-wound paper from the liner, grease the new outer layer heavily, and retry the fit until the liner slides easily within the casing. This will ensure the o-rings do their job of exiting all that high-pressure propellant flame out the nozzle--NOT the nose cone. Good skies!


  • This reload kit is intended to be used only with AeroTech Reloadable Motor System Kits.
  • Read and follow the safety codes of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) and the Tripoli Rocketry Association and comply with
  • all federal, state and local laws in all activities with hobby
  • rockets.
  • Damaged or defective reloads should be returned to Aerotech.

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