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Spectrum(R) Steam 4-8-4 Class J (Passenger Version) - Powered w/DCC & Sound Norfolk & Western #606 (1950s scheme) - HO-Scale
Product Number: BAC83902
Manufacturer: Bachmann
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  • Product Information

This 1950's Norfolk & Western 4-8-4 Class J Passenger Locomotive (#606) is a DCC Sound-Equipped Spectrum® Model by Bachmann®. Suitable for Ages 8 & Older.

Product Features
  • Equipped with DCC On Board® technology, which allows you to digitally control the direction, speed, and lighting of this locomotive using Bachmann's E-Z Command® Digital Command Control System (bac44902), or any NMRA-compliant DCC system.
  • The decoder itself features the following: * 2 and 4 digit addresses * advanced consisting * dimmable lighting * settable acceleration, decleration, starting speed, and much more! 100% backwards-compatible with standard DC (non-digital) layouts.
  • Equipped with a 28-speed step decoder.
  • Main track programming.
  • Also equipped with a state-of-the-art Digital Sound Decoder that's based on SoundTraxx® Tsunami® Digital Sound Technology.
  • The decoder has been designed with a powerful Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and: * Supports extended address mode for assigning any locomotive number up to 9,999 * Supports advanced consist addressing * Supports "Operation Mode Programming," allowing CVs to be changed on the mainline without using a programming track The automatic dual mode decoder is set to operate immediately using either a 12 volt DC power pack or NMRA-compatible DCC command station.
  • Many advanced throttle features including: * Supports 14, 28, and 128 speed step modes * Programmable acceleration, deceleration and starting voltage for prototypical starting and stopping * Use of standard and alternate speed tables The 16-bit sound processor provides: * Adjustable volume control of each sound effect individually * 1-watt audio amplifier * Auto-Exhaust allows chuff to be synchronized to the locomotive speed without the complexity of a synchronizing cam All of the steam sound effects have been re-mastered and re-digitized for the best audio possible: - Steam Exhaust Chuff - Airpump - Bell - Dynamo - Whistle - Water Stop - Short Whistle - Brake Squeal - Brake Release - Snifter Valve - Side Rod Clank - Cylinder Cocks - Firebox Blower - Johnson Bar/Power Reverser - Coupler Clank - Cylinder Blowdown (Hiss) The Dynamic Digital Exhaust modifies exhaust volume, cutoff and timbre as locomotive load changes.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Aligator cross heads.
  • Operating headlight and backup light.
  • All-metal chassis and side rods.
  • Blackened metal RP25 wheels.
  • Wire grab rails and boiler rails.
  • E-Z Mate® Mark II couplers with metal coil springs.
  • Highly detailed cab interior with opening windows.
  • Painted engineer figures.
  • Prototypically painted black and maroon with crisp yellow print: 606, Norfolk And Western.
  • Quick Start Guide and CD-ROM instructions for Bachmann® DCC Sound-Equipped locomotives.
  • Dummy plugs also included with installation instructions.
Product Specifications
  • Scale: HO 1:87
  • Overall Size -
  • Length: 14-1/2" (368mm)
  • Width: 1-3/8" (34mm)
  • Height: 2-1/8" (55mm)
  • Bachmann Product Number: 83902
  • Walthers Product Number: 160-83902
  • Walthers Catalog: 2012 HO, page 65
What's Included

(1) Locomotive & Tender


Minimum 22" Radius Curve

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