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Ho N&W CLASS A 2-6-6-4 1218 W/

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Product Features
  • ALL-NEW Paragon2 Sound & Control System
  • Synchronized PUFFING SMOKE with Chuff Sound
  • Variable Puffing Smoke Intensity and timing
  • Integral DCC Decoder with Back EMF for Industry Best Slow Speed Operation in DC and DCC
  • Precision Drive Mechanism engineered for continuous heavy load towing and smooth slow speed operation
  • 5-Pole Can Motor with Skew Wound Armature
  • Premium Caliber Painting with Authentic Paint Schemes
  • Prototypical Light Operation with Golden White LED Headlight, Rear Light
  • Factory Installed Engineer and Fireman Figures
  • Near-Brass Caliber Detail at a Plastic Price
  • ABS Body with Heavy Die Cast chassis for Maximum Tractive Effort
  • Metal Kadee-compatible Coupler
  • All-Driver Drive and All-Wheel Electrical Pick-up except for pilot trucks/trailing trucks
  • Separately Applied Handrails, Ladders, Whistle, and Brass Bell
  • Operating Cab Roof Vents
  • Will Operate on Code 70, 83, and 100 rail
  • Recommended Minimum Radius: 22 inches
Product Specifications
  • Broadway Product Number: 2300
  • Walthers Product Number: 187-2300
  • Walthers Catalog: 2014 HO, page 88
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According to the men who knew and operated them, the N&W Class As were the finest steam engines ever built. Four groups were erected between 1936 and 1950, with some improvements in each group - our models will be patterned after two groups. A group of 25 locomotives which were built in 1943 and 1944. The group was numbered from #1210 to #1234 and #1218 is the lone survivor today. We are offering another group numbered #1237, 1238 & 1239. These are equipped with roller bearing side rods and are offered in an unlettered version as well.

The Class A is currently preserved in the Virginia Transportation Museum in Roanoke, VA

Product Tags
DCC : DCC - On Board (2502)
Power : Powered (5809)
Wheel Set : 2-6-6-4 (8)
Rail Road Name : Norfolk & Western (52)
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