Star Destroyer 1st Prod LtdEd

Bandai-Star-Wars Star Destroyer 1st Prod LtdEd
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Bandai Star Wars Item # bsw5057625
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"Big detail, not a huge kits"
As with all Bandai kits, the fit and finish is amazing with this one. Same with the details included. The only difficulty that there was, was using the white interior parts for the lighting kit. I opted to use reflective tape to line the entire inside of the hull and superstructure. This made the fit of the superstructure to the hull better, and its easier to turn the lights on and off. The only other change I made was to paint the engine lighting piece a clear blue. This kit took more time to paint and make sure the finish looked right, than it did to build. The addition of the in scale blockade runner and millennium falcon are an awesome touch too.

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"beautiful recreation of the original"
rafterrat_2005 (Salisbury , N.C.)
This kit is very detailed and can be enhanced with micro lights. This is a must have!!!!!!!!! for Star Wars fans and collectors

"Amazing kit"
This kit is incredible as far as engineering and detail (typical Bandai). It is a little smaller than I expected, a little over a foot in length, but still a very nice size for display. The lighting works very well, though there are some light-leaks here and there, though the kit does include blocking tape and specifies locations where to apply it to prevent major leaks. My only real complaint is with the battery-pack, which has the on/off switch built into it, it sits inside the kit and to access it you have to remove the superstructure, and put it back together, and then repeat the process to turn the lights off again. I find this a bit awkward and often difficult to do with the amount of wires present. I ended up building my own base out of wood and mounted a battery box with a built-in on/off switch inside the base and routed the power through the base and into the kit using magnets so that I can remove the ship from the base easily if I want to. Also, worth mentioning is that there are hundreds (thousands?) of holes to represent the windows, which works really well, but because of this, you don't really get the light-effect unless you are looking more or less directly straight onto any particular side of the ship. The best way to do the lighting would be to use fiber for all the little holes, which would make the windows visible even when not viewed at direct angles. Of course that would be a serious amount of work, but the instruction manual does discuss this and offer tips. I may buy another kit someday and attempt this, but if I do, I'll buy the unlit version. For what this kit is, even building it out-of-the-box with no mods, it's still an amazing kit and the finished product is incredible. Very much worth the money in my opinion, if you're a Star Wars fan.