Mr Mulligan 30

This is a 30" Wingspan-Scale, Rubber-Powered, MR Mulligan Flying Model. For Beginners Learning How To Build & Fly Or The Advanced Modeler.

Dumas Mr Mulligan 30
 Dumas # dum303
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Dumas Item # dum303
Specifications :
  • Wingspan: 30"
  • Length: 23"
  • Height: 9
  • Dumas Product Number: 303
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Spotlight Review

"The good and the bad"
Dumas in, my experience, are pretty good kits. Things I like: Well designed so you can build a light model, very good plans ,tissue is good quality and color, and amount supplied is enough to cover the model, decals are ok if you are covering the model with plastic iron on, not very good for tissue covered model.If you build them correctly they will fly. Things I don't like: Lets begin with the box. Why use a spaghetti type box.Be like Guillows ,use a candy type box, Much easier to replace parts back in the box. Stringers are way too soft and light. Take my advise, make your own stringers from harder balsa or use bass wood,stringers,otherwise they are going to brake every time you pick it up. Sometime they will brake after you have the model covered, very annoying. Decals are a bit too shiny and don't work well on tissue covered models. Better to use decals as a pattern and use colored tissue for the trim.Decals work ok on plastic iron covering however. Most airplane models from Dumas are a little off on scale. ( the P47 is way off) Guillows has them beat on realistic scale .Guillows use to have them beat on decals too,but lately Guillows decals are not very good. Lastly ,Dumas laser cutting is not so great . The parts fit ok ,but the wood is really burnt up,sometimes ,making the parts brittle. If you take your time, use your experience gained from building past models,change things that need to be changed or redesigned,don't use the stringers they gave ya. You will have built a nice model airplane you can be proud of.

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  • "Stick and Tissue" Construction (Many Small Sticks Glued Together To Form The Airplane and Then The Frame Is Covered With Tissue Paper).
  • Over 75 Lazer-Cut Parts and Hand Selected Balsa.
  • Light-Weight White Tissue Paper Covering.
  • Color Peel-And-Stick Decal Set.
  • Full Size Plan and Step-By-Step Instructions.
  • Plastic Propeller, Tailwheel and 2-Two-Piece Wheels.
  • Vacuum-Formed Plastic Cowling, Wheel Pants and Clear Plastic Windshield Sheet.
  • F.A.I. Tan II Contest Rubber Bands.
  • Un-Bent Landing Gear Wire and Pre-Hooked Propeller Shaft.


  • Wingspan: 30"
  • Length: 23"
  • Height: 9
  • Dumas Product Number: 303


Full Size Plans, Step-By-Step Instructions, Balsa Sticks, Lazer-Cut Balsa Sheets, Vacuum-Formed Cowling & Canopy, Plastic Propeller & Wheels, Wire Propeller Shaft & Landing Gear, Tissue Paper, Decals and Clear Plastic Windshield.