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Diorama Spray Paint Gray 3oz
Product Number: FLOF390004
Manufacturer: Floquil
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Not in Stock, due date unknown Information
  • Product Information

This is a 3oz. Can of Diorama Gravel Gray Spray Paint from Floquil.

Product Features
  • Gives realistic textured appearance.
  • Great for model train projects.
  • Dries to the touch in 3-4 hours.
Product Specifications
  • Floquil Product Number: F390004
What's Included

One 2.9oz.(82g) Spray Can of Diorama Paint

  • Before using test to determine compatibility with surface to be sprayed
  • Shake well
  • Hold can upright 10" to 16" (254 to 406mm) from surface
  • Apply several light coats
  • Allow 15 minutes drying time between applications
  • To clear valve after using, invert can and spray several seconds
  • Rinse with warm water if nozzle or valve clogs
  • Clean up wet paint with soap and water
  • Clean up dried paint with mineral spirits or xylol
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