Flex-I-File # flx805
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Flex-I-File Item # flx805
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  • Flex-I-File Product Number: 805
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"jGood tool but delicate"
This tool works great. It has two fork like prongs on the end for wicking and holding the CA glue. The glue will flow out from the tool when the tips of the forks are touched to the model. But...the forks are delicate. I was cleaning dried glue from mine and snapped off one of the forks. Now that I know I'll be more careful about keeping the tip clean on the next one I order.

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  • Flex-I-File Product Number: 805

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"C/A glue applicator."
This C/A glue applicator helps avoid those blobs of glue that destroy a window or that paint job you worked so hard to get just perfect. It really works can't believe I went so long without it.

"nice tool but fragile"
I like this tool, but the brute that I am, I used my knife to clean the tip and broke it after only a few days. I found that I had a card of assorted sewing needles and trimmed and glued into the tool, and trimmed the eye to provide the same fork applicator... I still like the tool, and now have a cheap and ready set of replacement tips.

"Must have tool"
Full Steam Ahead
This is something I wish I had purchased years ago. The glue stays on the tip until touched to the model and places it right where you want it. This tool makes c/a gluing a lot less messy and gives your model a much more professional look when finished. It works best for me when putting a small bead of c/a on each part edge then let dry, next assemble the parts and touch this applicator to the seam and let capillary action do the rest. If the tip gets clogged just dip it in the c/a glue again and it will loosen it up quickly. Worth the money and makes gluing cleaner.

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