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Brass Sheet 4x10'' .005'' (1)
Product Number: K+S250
Manufacturer: K & S
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  • Product Information

This Package includes six 4 x 10 Brass Sheets (.005) by K&S Engineering.

Product Features
  • Quality sheet metal.
  • Solid brass.
  • Shape as desired.
  • Cut to desired size.
  • Each sheet is individually wrapped in plastic and bar coded for ease of sale.
  • Refill item for #1005 Metal Center (k+s1005).
Product Specifications
  • Sheet Size: 4" x 10"
  • Material Thickness: .005"
  • K-S Product Number: 250
What's Included

Six Brass Sheets

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#27 in Building Supplies  >  Metal  >  Sheet/Strip
#99 in Building Supplies  >  Metal
#1381 in Building Supplies
Manufacturer Comments

Use gloves and safety glasses when handling. Children should have adult supervision.

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