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Discontinued, no longer available for purchase
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Product Features
  • All-New Model
  • 14:1 Gear Ratio for Easy Multiple-Unit Operations
  • Helical Gears for Ultra-Quiet & Smooth Running
  • Five-Pole, Skew-Wound, High Torque, High Efficiency Can Motor
  • Heavily Weighted for Maximum Traction
  • Both A&B Units Powered
  • Painted Metal Grab Irons, Ladder Stand-Offs, Handrails & Lift Rings
  • Correct Coupling Distance Between A & B Units
  • Authentic Bulldog Nose
  • Correct Windshield Slope
  • Complete Scale Fuel Tank w/Hangers, Battery Box, Air Tank & Underframe Detail
  • Working Headlight w/Bezel & Recessed Lens
  • Working Mars Light as Appropriate - Works on DC or DCC
  • With or Without Dynamic Brakes to Match Prototypes
  • Correct Style Lighted Numberboards
  • Bright Sunny White LED Lighting
  • Separate, Clear Class Lights
  • Full Cab Interior w/Crew Figures
  • PROTO-Max(TM) Diecast Magnetic Knuckle Couplers
  • Correct Grab Iron Style & Placement for Each Roadname
  • Sideframes w/Road Specific Journals & With or Without Speed Recorder
  • Operating Diaphragms as Appropriate
  • Etched Metal Screens or Grilles As Appropriate
  • Visible Details Behind Grilles & Under Fan Covers
  • With Sound & DCC Sound and DCC-equipped models can be operated on DC or DCC layouts, and feature authentic model 567 prime mover recordings that include exhaust, improved throttle notching and transition sounds for change in traction motor electrical connection during acceleration, road-specific horn tone to match prototype, bell, squealing brakes, doppler effect, air let off and much more.
  • By 1945, EMD had six years of hands-on experience with its increasingly popular FT diesels. As the only cab freight units built during WWII, EMD already had a corner on the market, and an upgraded model was in the works. The first F3 demonstrator rolled out of LaGrange that June to give customers a taste of things to come. But by 1946 critical materials were still in short supply for the civilian market. The larger generator planned for the F3 could not be built, so an interim model, the F2, was introduced. While the F2 was only rated at 1350 horsepower (the same as the FT), railroads anxious to modernize were ready to buy, and just over 100 were built for service in the US and Mexico through the summer of 1946, when the F3 entered production.
  • For railroads with aging fleets of worn-out steam power, and those facing financial struggles, the new F3 was the right engine at the right time. EMD offered numerous options, and the 1500 horsepower units could be set up to handle freight or passenger service, where they performed equally well. During the next fours years, just over 1800 A and B units were delivered. During the production run, EMD made changes to various parts. Early examples had four high fans, screened sides and three portholes, while late production units had low fans, air grilles and louvered air intakes in place of the center porthole - and as units were shopped in later years by their owners, parts were often replaced or swapped, further obscuring these identifying features. Replaced by the more powerful F7 in February 1949, F3s remained in service into the 1980s, when their advancing age made them prime candidates for trade-ins on newer, more powerful hood units.
Product Specifications
  • Life-Like-Proto Product Number: 41232
  • Walthers Product Number: 920-41232
Product Tags
DCC : DCC - On Board (2547)
Power : Powered (5731)
Rail Road Name : C,B&Q (52)
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