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Maine Lobster Boat Kit
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This is the Midwest Maine Lobster Boat Static Model Kit. Developed after WWI, the Lobster Boat with its speed, capacity and stability in rough seas is the primary work boat of Maine Lobstermen. This kit is a Skill Level 3 designed for persons with some prior wood boat building experience.

Product Features
  • All wood model consists of Basswood, Balsa and Micro-Lite Plywood construction.
  • Complete metal fittings set.
  • Materials to build two lobster traps, three buoys and a display stand
  • Two cast metal lobsters.
Product Specifications
  • Length: 21-7/8" (550mm)
  • Beam: 7-5/8" (194mm)
  • Height: 14-5/8" (371mm)
  • Scale: 3/4"=1'
  • Midwest Product Number: 991
What's Included

One Midwest Maine Lobster Boat Static Model Kit with, rolled plan sheet, instruction manual, two lobsters, pre-cut wood pieces, all fittings and accesories, staysail cloth, clear plastic for windows.


Building tools, paint, contact cement, CA glue,

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Manufacturer Comments
  • The prototype on the box was painted using the following colors
  • Midwest Prep Primer #41-4 (mid41-4)
  • Midwest Apprentice Boat Kit #910 (mid910)
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