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John Alden Sloop Sailboat Kit
Product Number: MID997
Manufacturer: Midwest
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This is the John Alden Sloop Sailboat kit from Midwest. The boat is built on a strongback using a basswood keel and frames which self-align to create a hull structure ready for planking. Strips are added to create the hull shape. The hull is then removed from the strongback and the interior details are added.

Product Features
  • Strongback construction to help ease planking installation
  • Foredeck features a club-footed jib that is self-tending
  • Machined brass mail-sail winches and turnbuckles
  • Finely shaped stern and basswood strip planking
Product Specifications
  • Length: 14-5/16" (364mm)
  • Height: 24-1/2" (622mm)
  • Beam: 4-11/16" (246mm)
  • Scale: 3/4"=1' (1/16)
  • Midwest Product Number: 997
What's Included
  • One John Alden Sloop kit
  • One instruction book
  • One hull plan sheet
  • One sail plan sheet
  • One hardware bag
  • One spool of rigging cord
  • One roll of brass wire, for turnbuckle & rigging holders
  • Hobby knife (TOWR1010)
  • Tack rag (tes50634c)
  • Small Square (xacx7726)
  • Small files (gyr491406)
  • Pin vise (hcahcar0696)
  • Razor plane (masma4100)
  • Razor saw (hcahcar0241)
  • Thin CA glue (gpmgpmr6002)
  • Medium CA glue (gpmgpmr6008)
  • Aliphatic wood glue (gpmgpmr6160)
  • Straight edge measuring stick (for156)
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Manufacturer Comments

This is a Level 3 skill kit. Skill level 3 kits are intended for person have some prior building experience with wood boat kits. Some parts in Skill Level 3 kits require cutting, fitting, shaping and fabricating.

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