Operation Linebacker II 1972

Osprey-Publishing Operation Linebacker II 1972
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"The B-52s unleash hell in Hanoi."
In von Clausewitz's most famous words: War is merely the continuation of policy by other means. Nothing describes better Op. Linebacker II (and also the Vietnam war itself), than this phrase. With morale at its lowest point and a great fatigue from a long war without favorable results, the then US president R. Nixon, faced a coming election with only one thing in mind Peace with honor, so after negotiations agreement stalled with North Vietnam, the US launched an maximum effort (Op. Linebacker II) to destroy major target complexes in the Hanoi and Haiphong areas (the heart of N. Vietnam), which could only be accomplished by B-52. It saw the largest heavy bomber strikes launched by the U.S. Air Force since the end of World War II. This book bring us in a clear narrative way the attackers and defenders capabilities, the campaign objectives and the 12 day battle itself, with the ups and downs of each day explained, with a good level of detail, and closing the book: aftermath and conclusions. This is one of the most interesting post WW2 air operations, with half of SAC inventory, some 207 B-52s that needed a number of KC-135 tankers because of the long distance from their bases to the objectives, and more than 2000 tactical aircrafts from the USAF & USN giving support with overwhelming ECM, anti-SAM and air superiority missions and on the other side some 45+ Migs almost without pilots trained for night missions neither aircraft with capabilities for that, and a great network of radars and the adequate but obsolete SA-2 SAMs (about 266 launched during the operation). The book has many excellent 3d diagrams, maps, photographs and three beautiful illustrations. At the end of the book, Mr. Michel provides an interesting insight into the results of the campaign as seen from both the American and North Vietnamese view, and a What if...? scenario. The rest is history...N. Vietnam and the U.S. signed the treaty, and both countries were happy because the U.S. withdrawal from the war, then the South is forced to sign it, then that treaty and Watergate leaves the South alone and by 1975 Vietnam is unified by the communist rule. This book is one of he best about air operations.

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  • Osprey-Publishing Product Number: ACM8

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