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"The British and Poles paratroopers fight in Arnhem."
The British Airborne Missions - is the long-awaited second volume of Operation Market-Garden 1944. The British 1st Airborne Division was tasked with seizing and holding the great road bridge over the Rhine at Arnhem, opening the way into Germany for British XXX Corps. In the event, the lack of drop zones close to the objective, and the unexpected presence of significant numbers of German troops, turned the British mission into a bridge too far. The author, Ken Ford, quickly sets the strategic importance of the operation before delving into the respective commanders and their forces and plans. The conduct of the actual campaign is the heart of the book, as British 1st Airborne, supported by the Polish 1st Airborne Bridge, struggled to seize and hold the bridge at Arnhem. The narrative is nicely supported by a great selection of period and modern photographs, illustrations, and especially a terrific set of battle diagrams that lay out the timing of the operation. The author concludes with a blunt summation that recognizes both the heroism of British 1st Airborne and the flaws inherent in Operation Market-Garden. Well recommended as a highly readable second volume of the campaign, in conjunction with the first one, on the U.S. airborne operations.

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