SR-71A Blackbird

This is a 1/72 SR-71A Blackbird Plastic Model Aircraft Kit. Skill Level 2 for ages 10 to Adult, Intermediate to Advanced Modelers.

Revell-Monogram SR-71A Blackbird Plastic Model Airplane Kit 1/72 Scale #855810
 Revell-Monogram # rmx855810
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Revell-Monogram Item # rmx855810
Specifications :
  • Scale: 1/72nd
  • Length: 18.5"
  • Wingspan: 9.25"
  • Revell-Monogram Product Number: 855810
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Spotlight Review

"Not bad for an older kit"
Patrick (Sydney, Australia)
Overall, the product was good considering the age of the kit. You will need to fill the gaps in the underside wing sections when you glue the two main fuselage sections together, and a little for the horizontal stabilisers. The decals were suprisingly good. I omitted the landing gear and mounted it on a stand, and did not glue the canopies so that I could remove them to look at the cockpit details. For a low cost kit, it was value for money.

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  • Detailed 1/72nd scale for static display only
  • Markings included for one USAF aircraft
  • 66 parts in black and clear plastic with raised panel lines
  • One piece cockpit tub with separate instrument panels, seats, and seated pilot and observer figures. Optional position canopies.
  • Detailed landing gear and wheel wells, exhaust nozzles and intake cones
  • Includes D-21 reconnaisance drone with ground trolley
  • Single sheet of decals which contains national insignia, stencils and ID codes for 2 aircraft.
  • 1: Lockheed SR-71A, S/N 17978 w/ Playboy Bunny logo on vertical fins
  • 2: Lockheed SR-71A, S/N 17955 CIA machine w/ Skunkworks logo on fins Both aircraft are painted overall flat black
  • Additional Paints Required
  • Flat: Black, White, Olive Drab, Grey, Red, Yellow
  • Gloss: Silver, Orange


  • Scale: 1/72nd
  • Length: 18.5"
  • Wingspan: 9.25"
  • Revell-Monogram Product Number: 855810


One 1/72 SR-71A Blackbird Plastic Model Aircraft Kit.

Requirements & Suggestions

  • Paint
  • Basic tools: Hobby knife, paint brushes, sandpaper.
  • Nice-to-have tools: Needle file set, sprue cutter (see XURON),
  • airbrush and associated accessories
  • Adhesives
  • Major components - liquid plastic cement (Testors, TENAX 7R)
  • Clear parts - White glue, odourless CA, or TENAX 7R
  • Detail parts - CA or tube-type plastic cement.
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"When paired with the D-21 drone, this is actually an M-21"
With the drone launching stand on the rear of the SR-71; it is actually a M-21. The two craft together were referred to as M/D-21. This kit is a simple but nice build. If you don't use the drone launching stand it is a good SR-71 model and the drone can be displayed on the cart supplied in the kit. Applying the decals can be a problem due to the corrugated surface of the wings. Applying them over gloss paint and using Micro Sol will take care of most of the problems.

"Building the SR-71 BIGbird"
Ok as the title insists, this is a pretty large kit even for its 1/72 scale size. It's molded in black plastic so if you're not so great at painting large parts you can leave it alone, however doing this greatly reduces the beauty of this plane as the casting imperfections are highly visible. To get the best finish I would prime the entire fuselage and then spray on some flat or satin black. It's also fairly easy to add lights to the cockpit and the detail inside is pretty good for the scale of the kit. The fuselage fits together in such a way that the seam where the two halves join is next to invisible. The smaller drone aircraft is also a nice bonus and can be mounted on the SR-71 with a little modification, which only involves drilling out two holes on top of the plane, or on the included cart. The decals are ok, nothing really special but they look ok. Along with the positive comes the negative. Some of the parts are too firmly attached to the sprue. If you are not careful you can easily damage these pieces and in turn the entire look of the plane. Still overall this is a nice kit and worthy of the build. The only reason I didn't give it the final star was because of the issues around the overly attached pieces.

"Awesome hanging from the ceiling"
Michael M. (Boston, MA)
My father got me this model to build with my boys; knowing the grandsons would like this spaceship. The model had sat in its box in his garage a few years; as he planned to build it with another one of his grandsons but never got around to it. His loss was our gain. This is a quick build, that ends up looking awesome, particularly if, as in my case, I grew up thinking the Blackbird was the coolest plane on the planet. Hanging from the ceiling from a few feet away the plane looks like a professional built it despite my lack of modelling skills. PROS: The plane looks great and requires minimal painting and it goes together well, especially at the normally problematic in other models wing/fuselage area. CONS: The canopy is extremely difficult to get built well due to the size of the parts and making a wheels-up version requires a good amount of sculpting the wheel-well. My kids love the model!

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