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1/3oz. Tube Enamel Paint Marker Gloss Black

Testors 1/3oz. Tube Enamel Paint Marker Gloss Black
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Product Number:TES2547C
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Product Description

This is a 1/3 oz (10 mL) Enamel Gloss Black Paint Marker from Testors.

Product Features
  • Can be used for
  • Models: Ceramic, Plastic, Leather
  • Household: Stone, Metal, Styrofoam
  • Crafts: Wax, Glass, Paper
  • Figures: Fabric, Wood
  • Not recommended for: vinyl, polyethylene, polypropylene plastics, or lexan.
  • All-purpose marker contains no lead and has a tip designed for fine- line painting or painting larger areas.
  • Marker is carded and packaged for clear visibility, with Black color on front.
Product Specifications
  • Testors Product Number: 2547C
What's Included

One 1/3 oz (10 mL) Enamel Gloss Black Paint Marker

Requirements & Suggestions
  • Lung and skin protection
  • Thinner (tes1148t)
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I like it
By justplaincrazy2002 January 20, 2015
Does good on line detail and for fast touch ups. Can use to pain with some but wouldn't suggest using them unless you get a few .
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Manufacturer Comments
  • Cap removes by twisting; shake marker for 30 seconds before using and depress tip to get steady, activated flow.
  • Depress tip occassionally to maintain paint flow, and recap and shake periodically for better flow.
  • Replace cap tightly when marker is not in use.
  • If tip dries out, soak overnight in Thinner (tes1148t) or in Brush Cleaner (tes1156).
  • CAUTION: Flammable, keep from heat and flame, use in a well- ventilated area.
  • Keep away from small children.
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