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VR1 DC Dual Channel Racing Charger w/Bal

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Product Description

This is the TrakPower VR-1 Computerized DC Powered Dual Output Battery Charger and Balancer.:

Product Features
  • Charges 1-6 cell LiPo/Li-Ion and LiFe 100-20,000mAh batterie 1-14 cell NiCd/NiMH 100-9900mAh batterie 1-12 cell Pb (Lead Acid) 500-50,000mAh batteries.:
  • Charges two batteries of different chemistries simultaneously.:
  • Docks directly onto the DPS Power Supply (not included, orde TKPP5505) eliminating cables and freeing up valuable pit space.:
  • Charges at 20A on channel 1 (up to 6S) and 6A (up to 4S) on channel 2.:
  • Tiltable reverse backlit 5 x 2.5 (128 x 64mm) graphic LCD is easy t view at any angle indoors or outdoors.:
  • Four membrane pushbuttons with jog/dial switch.:
  • Special charge mode for battery storage.:
Product Specifications
  • Input Voltage: 11-15V external DC power supply:
  • Display Type: 128X64 graphic LCD (21x8 character), Negative B&W, backlit
  • Display Backlight: White:
  • PC Communications: USB to UART device type:
  • Case Material: Aluminum and plastic:
  • Cooling System: Built-in, two 40mm and one 25mm DC fan:
  • Case Size: 7.1 x 6.1 x 2.5 (180 x 155 x 65mm):
  • Weight: 2.1lbs (970g):
  • External Port: Temperature sensor probe:
  • Mini USB:
  • Delta Peak Detection: NiCd: 5-25mV:
  • NiMH: Zero-15mV/cell:
  • Trickle Charge: Off, 50-500mA, auto:
  • Charge Cutoff Temperature: 50-176°F (10-80°C):
  • Charge Voltage: NiCd/NiMH: 2.0V/cell (fixed):
  • LiPo: 3.7-4.2V/cell:
  • Balance Current: 300mA:
  • Reading Voltage Range: 0.15-5.5V per cell:
  • Channel 1::
  • Battery Types/Cells: NiCd/NiMH: 1-14 cells:
  • LiPo/Li-Ion/LiFe: 1-6 cells:
  • Pb: 1-12 (24V):
  • Battery Capacity Range: NiCd/NiMH: 100-9900mAh:
  • LiPo/Li-Ion/LiFe: 100-20000mAh:
  • Pb: 500-50000mAh:
  • Fast Charge Current: 0.1-20.0A (0.1A increments):
  • Safety Timer: Auto, 10-900 minutes, Off:
  • Li-Ion: 3.6-4.2V/cell:
  • Charge Wattage: 250W Maximum (adjustable):
  • Discharge Current: 0.1-10.0A (0.1A increments):
  • Discharge Cut-off voltage: NiCd/NiMH: 0.1-1.2V/cell:
  • LiPo: 2.5-4.2V/cell:
  • Li-Ion: 2.5-4.1V/cell:
  • Discharge Wattage: 80W:
  • Balance Cells: 6 cells:
  • NiMH ONLY cut-off voltage: 1.10-1.30V, 1.2 at 100mA:
  • Memory: 40 models:
  • Charge Method: CC/CV for lithium types:
  • Auto, normal, linear, GMVIS, Impulse, reflex and repeak for Ni-XX batteries.
  • Channel 2::
  • Battery Types/Cells: NiCd/NiMH: 1-10 cells:
  • LiPo/Li-Ion/LiFe: 1-4 cells:
  • Battery capacity range: NiCd/NiMH: 100-9900mAh:
  • LiPo/Li-Ion/LiFe: 100-9900mAh:
  • Fast Charge Current: 0.1-6.0A (0.1A increments):
  • Charge Wattage: 50W maximum:
  • Balance Cells: 4:
  • Charge Method: CC/CV for lithium types:
  • Normal for Ni-XX types
What's Included

TrakPower VR-1 Dual Output Battery Charger and Balancer:

What's Required
  • DPS Docking Power Supply or hobby power supply:
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