Code 83 Nickel Silver DCC Friendly Number 5 Turnout

Walthers-Track Code 83 Nickel Silver DCC Friendly Number 5 Turnout Left Hand
 Walthers Track # wst83015
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Walthers Track Item # wst83015
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Spotlight Review

"Best turnouts ever"
Grant S. (North Carolina)
Disappointed with the performance of your turnouts? Look no further than Walther's latest offering. These are the best turnouts I've ever used (baring hand laid track, which for me is not going to happen). Why, you ask? Let me enumerate the reasons. 1) electrically friendly. These switches work regardless of whether or not you choose to power the frog. No insulated rail joiners required. No special wiring. No cutting. 2) mechanically friendly. The snap action points work as is just fine, but if you want to remotely actuate them it is a simple matter to remove a small cover plate from the underside of the switch and pull out the little spring with a pair of tweezers. 3) easy to power. If you want to power the frog the attachment point is a small ring that extends from the side of the turnout, making it a simple matter to mark the spot where you need to drill the hole and also simple to attach the wire (stranded wire works best). This is great for me, the world's worst solderer, as trying to solder a wire to a small patch on the underside of the switch would present a challenge. 4) reasonably sized frog. I have read some people complain that the frog on the Peco unifrog switches is so small that some wheels on older cars that might be too wide actually cause the frog to short with the adjacent rail. The frog on the Walthers switch is large enough that this won't happen, but still small enough to prevent stalling for problematic locomotives. 5) and finally, the biggest reason, the point rails are all one piece from the frog all the way to the stock rail. This means perfect electrical continuity and completely flat and smooth transition from the stock rail to the point and to the closure rail. No annoying bounce or clank if the points happen to be slightly higher or lower or skewed in some way. Not to pick on any manufacturer in particular (ahem, Atlas) but this is SO ANNOYING when it happens. Anyway, IMHO that is why these are the best. Yes, there are other turnouts that do some of the same things, but Walthers combines them all. WELL WORTH the extra cost.

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  • Walthers-Shinohara Product Number: 83015
  • Walthers Product Number: 948-83015



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