Micro Sol Setting Solution, 1 oz

Microscale Micro Sol Setting Solution, 1 oz Model Railroad Scratch Supply #mi2
 Microscale Inc # msimi2
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Microscale Inc Item # msimi2
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  • Microscale Product Number: MI2
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"My go to setting solution"
This is my go to setting solution for decals. This, with Micro Set, I would highly recommend. Great pricing from Hobbylinc as well!

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  • Microscale Product Number: MI2

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"A must-have for any decal work"
Does a fantastic job at getting the decals to stay on and bind with the surface contours. However if you have any additional masking to do, decals are still vulnerable to being peeled up by tape, so make sure you put a layer of clear coat or varnish over them first.

"Great Results"
gruss3891 (Miami, FL)
Provide results over and over ... best product to Soften Decals

"An essential help for decal applying."
As advertised it completely softens the Decals, allowing it to drape down onto the surface of the model, conforming perfectly to surface irregularities without distortion. Micro Sol actually makes the decal part of the painted surface, obviously it depends on the quality of the decal, if its bad or below average, don't expect miracles. For the best results, first apply Micro Sol to prepare the surface and enhance the adhesive, Then put the decal, Then, when everything is dry enough that the decal will not move easily, apply Micro Sol with a small flat brush, and then leave it alone. It does the work. Do not touch until the decal has dried, as the decal is very soft at this stage and could be easily damaged, or it could move from the correct position. One application is enough in most cases but, some irregular surfaces require more applications of Micro Sol. I work with 1/72 model kits, and this product became essential for me.

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