1978 Dodge D100 Custom Pickup Truck

This is the 1/25 scale 1978 Dodge D100 Custom Pickup Truck plastic model truck vehicle kit from MPC by Ertl.

MPC 1978 Dodge D100 Custom Pickup Truck Plastic Model Truck Vehicle Kit 1/25 Scale #901m
 MPC by Ertl # mpc901m
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MPC by Ertl Item # mpc901m
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Spotlight Review

"fun kit"
Good kit for the MOPAR truck guys. To bad its a long bed but with a bit of time and effort it can be cut down to make a respectable short bed fleet side truck ( as I have done ) Although a repop of the old MPC kit , round 2 has cleaned up the molds as this one has very little flash to deal with .As with most old MPC kits the interior deails a shallow and the undercarrage isnt up to modern standards ...but with that said with time and imagination this can be built up to make a good looking fleet side Dodge D100...even if you left it a long bed

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  • MPC Product Number: 901M

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"A nice Dodge truck."
Well this is my 3 MPC model in a row, and this one turned out decent. It all starts when you look at the box. Very bright colorful and just inviting you to crack it open. Upon opening you are greeted by a great D100 Dodge truck body and bed that will leave most truck modelers smiling. The model of the truck was great with very minimal mold lines. All the parts trees were great, molded completely and had very little flash on my copy. The kit had some clear and red plastic for windows, tail lights and a roof mounted flasher. All were molded cleanly and clearly. Deeper into the box revealed 4 tires with great tread detail and white lines on one side and plain on the other. There are 4 differnt tire combinations you can choose from. Chrome parts were chromed fairly well and had a rough spot with the fragile trim around the tail lights, even after I glued the red lenses into the chrome trim prior to cutting from the chrome sprue. There is a great decal sheet with a couple of options for door signage, which is always cool to have. The instruction sheet is pretty generic but you get a built model if you follow it. Pros to this kit are, a great truck when finished, extra parts including a minibike, toolbox, floor jack, some tools and some 4 wheel drive parts. (Is there a 4 wheel drive version coming?) Cons to this kit are, some warpage to the chassis that needed some heat treatment so the truck didn't look broken in half, and where the grill meets the top and front of fenders, it looks like it was short a little material. A little body filler helped out there. All in all, was a nice kit and restore a little of my faith in MPC kits. Buy it for a great truck to add to the sea of Chevy and Fords out there.

"This kit is too expensive for what you get."
roblively1982 (Cantonment, Florida)
This is a re-release from Round 2, and this kit is beginning to show its age. It builds up nice. The fit is pretty good, especially the tops to bottom. Nice and snug. The front windshield is almost perfect (if just a bit thick). The minibike, toolbox and floor jack are neat additions, and make the finished kit unique. The interior tub is dull and featureless. The dash is the interior highlight. The engine is okay, but subpar. The bottom frame is okay. I added some brake lines and the parking brake “Y” to give it something. The generous and perfect decals are really nice. Neat fact – this is the year that Dodge teamed with Mitsubishi to offer a diesel engine in some trucks and even a diesel-powered van! Again, the plastic coming out of China is just awful. I’ve found that wet-sanding the plastic first, before priming/painting lends better results. I don’t really recommend this kit. It’s okay, and certainly the grandfather of the Ram Truck, but this kit is just too expensive for what you get.

"Memory truck"
Bought this kit as it's the closest thing to the truck my Dad had and what I have now. It's a decent kit detail wise but need to remember it's an old kit and not quite Tamiya quality. In any case the kit goes together easily however as other reviewers stated, my frame was also warped. It's a good kit to learn how to deal with warpage issues and fitment such as the front grille. Interior is a bit plain but like I said, it's good for learning creativity in doing vehicle interiors. Nice that it actually has a clear plastic windshield and red tail light lenses too. All the extras like the mini bike don't hurt either.

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