Space 1999- Moon Base Alpha

This is the 1/3200 Scale Space 1999 Moon Base Alpha Plastic Model Kit by MPC. Suitable for Ages 12 & Older.

MPC Space 1999- Moon Base Alpha Space Program Plastic Model Kit 1/2000 Scale #803
 MPC by Ertl # mpc803
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MPC by Ertl Item # mpc803
Specifications :
  • Scale: 1/3200
  • Skill level: 3
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"Space 1999"
Fun kit of Moon Base Alpha. Great price from Hobbylinc. I remember this kit as a child and love the upgrades for the re-pop. Highly recommended.

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  • Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in white.
  • 17" x 17" base.
  • Five landing pads with optional docking arms and authentic decals.
  • Oversizes mission contorl room features see-throught roof, figures control consoles and decals.
  • Waterslide decals.
  • Instruction sheet.


  • Scale: 1/3200
  • Skill level: 3


One plastic model

Requirements & Suggestions

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"1970s kit returns with improvements"
wwwilliam (Salt Lake City, UT)
Round2 Models has re-released an improved version of MPC's Moonbase Alpha kit, which was offered previously in 1976 and 1999. The moonbase model is now more accurate and the base is larger. New parts are provided for the Eagle landing pads, and six new, in-scale Eagle transporters are included. There are new decals for the landing pads, computer wall, and console details. The promotional box art that Round2 has provided to kit dealers represents the original version of the kit with the Main Mission diorama mounted to the original rectangular vacuum formed base. The new, smaller box that actually comes with the product portrays the larger square base that does not have Main Mission mounted to it. There is no nameplate molded into the base this time. The original, nearly 1-inch Eagles are still included with their old launch pads. This makes a total of twelve Eagles when counted with the new half-inch versions. So, all the original injection-molded parts are there. The parts in my kit had quite a bit of persistent mold-release agent on them, which would prevent paint from going on smoothly. Scrubbing them with soapy water might not be enough to remove it. Paint thinner or rubbing alcohol might be needed. Check your solvent first on a piece of sprue to be sure it doesn’t melt the plastic and use safety precautions if working with flammable solvents. There is a little flash and round injector pin marks on the Main Mission wall panels that will require some filler putty. Sinkholes mar a few parts as well. The parts for the moon base will require less preparation than the pieces for Main Mission. Sprue attachment points are a tad thick on all of the Eagles, so one should be careful to avoid damaging them while cutting off the sprue. New styrene travel tubes also have ejection-pin marks on the top surfaces. While the Moonbase is much improved, the Main Mission control room model appears unchanged. Most glaring discrepancies in accuracy include the spiral staircase and the angles of the panels on the computer wall. Any modeler with proficiency in scratch-building should have no trouble correcting these issues, which are minor anyway. This is not a new, state-of-the-art kit. Chances are that most prospective purchasers are aware of this and will buy because they remember building it (or wanting it) when 1999 was far off into the future. The retro-style box art, new decals, and improvements to accuracy of the moon base diorama should make modelers happy if they are prepared to do some work that one would expect on kit engineered decades ago. Round2 has improved the kit while retaining most of its classic features.

"Moonbase Alfa"
Not the most modern of kits.But, with a bit of work it will make a great display. The biggest letdown for me was the flimsy base. I glued and ducked taped brasing underneath and mounted it to a thin mdf board. All other parts are well moulded with more than adequate detail. The addition of the new landing pads and eagles is welcomed. Now all I need to do is quit playing with those tiny eagles, and finally get the model finished, lol.

"Problems plague this model"
xyzeet (Monrovia, IN)
On the surface this appears to be a great looking model. And indeed the tiny Eagle ships and moonbase buildings are nicely detailed. The problems that will drive you crazy are many. The main one being the thin plastic molded moon surface itself. They made this in 2 pieces, meaning you have to actually hand cut one side and then overlap and glue it to other. While the buildings will hide a lot of this obvious line, it really is noticeable on places it doesn't cover. No amount of filling and sanding will hide this flaw. Why not make it 1 piece as the box is big enough?! Also the indentations for proper placement of the buildings is off, and you will never get them properly lined up. The travel tubes (raised on the moonbase) and the entry holes on the buildings won't line up. Add the fact that the base is incredibly flimsy, and the buildings will pop off after gluing if flexed too much makes this model a real pain. I recommend using Loctite Flexible Adhesive to glue the buildings on the base to minimize this problem. Others have pointed out inaccuracies of details like there being only 3 (instead of 5) landing pads, or wrong details in the command center. I can let a lot of that go for the fact that actual design of the show changed on the command center between seasons 1 and 2 of the TV show. Still, aspects of this build are fun (and sometimes tedious) and fans of the show shouldn't let these problems stop you from trying out this model.


Due to small parts that could cause a choking hazard please kee away from children 3 years of age and younger.