Modern Russian Federals 1995 (48)

This is the 1/72 Scale Chechen Wars- Modern Russian Federals 1995 (48) Figures from Orion Figures.

Orion Modern Russian Federals 1995 (48) Plastic Model Military Figure 1/72 Scale #72003
 Orion Figures # orf72003
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"Nice addition to Modern gaming"
Though the sculpting can be messy and the poses downright baffling, the subject of this set is something that is not well represented in the 1/72 scale - the modern Russian army. While these figures are specifically modeled for the Chechen War, they can be used for any Russian conflict between 1995 and into the early 2000s. They come with a nice variety of weapons and uniforms; most carry Kalashnikovs, but there are also a few rocket launchers, sniper rifles, machine guns, and handguns. Some wear what looks like the old Ssh-40 helmet, but others wear the more modern kevlar helmets used by elite forces. Some figures wear body armor. Some of the poses, however, make little or no sense. There appears to be a man urinating, thought what purpose he serves I don't know. There is another pose of a Chechen rebel surrendering, which would be an okay pose, except that his head is scrunched down into his shoulders, defying the laws of anatomy. There is also a Chechen fighter who is lying down but half raising himself from the ground. The pose is completely unnatural and refuses to sit correctly - the balance is off and his feet end up in the air. Despite these flaws, this set is very useful for modern wargaming and other uses, because of the diversity of equipment and weapons.

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"Orion Modern Russian Federals 1995"
mikeschell (Newcastle Ontario)
Overall a decent set. Detail is pretty good and the plastic is a softer type that makes is easier to remove from the sprue without permanently bending anything. There are a total of 23 poses (and one dog) which allows for a good number of different combos of troops. One issue is how to use some of those poses. For example there are 2 copies of a man urinating. While I'm all for poses that are unique, it's quite challenging to find some way to use 2 of these figures. Another figure appears to be covering his ears, but has no accompanying set such as a mortar to explain this pose. For the rest of the figures, the uniforms and weapons are all well done and accurate for the era.

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