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"Excellent overview of the Tiger II."
The Tiger II (also King Tiger or Tiger Ausf. B) was a typical product of Nazi Germany in the later and more desperate years of WWII. After the creation of the effective although expensive and complicated to produce Tiger I, Hitler decided that its replacement by 1944 should be more heavily armored and with a longer and highly upgraded version of the 88mm gun. Both of this advantages where achieved. but in doing so, they made it the heaviest tank in WWII, which made its transportation to the front a nightmare, it was also the costliest vehicle of WWII and it was extremely complex to build and maintain. The book describes all this design and development issues, also bring us the production month by month, its gun firepower, its mobility and its battlefield survivability. Then comes a brief description of its combat history, where it describes the machine actions and not the experience of the ones who fought inside it. As always the color plates are excellent, great selection of B-W pictures, also very useful are the tables, especially the ones that shows the penetration of the 88mm Kw.K. gun at front, side and rear on allied tanks and also what damage could do to the Tiger II Armour, the guns of the same allied tanks. This was an aspect where the Tiger II shows that was a true King of tanks in WWII. Excellent overview of the German Tiger II tank.

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