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"Moskow 1941 or how the Russians survive and overcome Barbarossa."
I always think that no army in history after suffering a staggering loss of over 2 million troops in a few months and also after ceding huge numbers of territories could survive that war. Well, by September 1941, the Soviet forces, were just in that reality. The red army was faced with the prospect of Hitler victoriously re-directing his powerful German armies toward the heart of Soviet Russia - Moscow. However, the season was late and the Germans found themselves in a race to launch a final decisive attack before the arrival of the dreaded Russian winter. Stalin desperately sought to play for time by mustering all available military resources to save his capital. This book is the story of Operation Typhoon, the largest German operational attack of the war and Hitler's desperate attempt to seize Moscow. Also, in the book is noted that the original main goal of Hitler was the destruction of the Red army, with no relevance in the seizing of important cities and why this changed. This book manages to bring to life the battle which saw the most horrific losses for the Soviet defending forces and marked the first defeat of the Wehrmacht. This book, as usual with the Campaign series, analyse commanders, the planing, equipments and the armies, before and during the battle and it tells the story from both sides, attacker and defender. Full color 3-D ‘bird’s-eye-views’, battle scenes, soldiers or equipment drawings and maps as well as black and white photographs that support's the text. This book shows how the communist army was (in fact has always been) underestimated, and here it showed an enormous capacity to reorganize, even in impossible odds.

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