WWII German Panzergrenadiers (Kharkov 1943)

This is the 1/72 Scale Plastic Model Military Figure of the WWII German Panzergrenadiers (Kharkov 1943) (20) by Pegasus Models.

Pegasus WWII German Panzergrenadiers (Kharkov 1943) Plastic Model Military Figure 1/72 Scale #hb01
 Pegasus Hobbies # pghhb01
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Pegasus Hobbies Item # pghhb01
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Spotlight Review

"Great Figurines - A few minor misprints"
I really like how specific this set is in terms of the feel of it. The great coats and uniforms really feel distinct from a lot of the generic German infantry sets that I have gotten. Additionally the squad composition is really solid. It has 2 Light Machine guns, 6 submachine guns (two of whom are throwing grenades) and 11 rifle men. Additionally there is a clear officer, and what can easily be seen as an NCO. As much as I wanted to love this set, there were a couple of drawbacks as well. It is one of the smaller sets I got for this price, with only 20 figurines where as I was able to get over 40 for the same price at https://www.hobbylinc.com/airfix-wwii-german-infantry-figure-set-plastic-model-military-figure-kit-1:72-scale-705. Additionally one of the figurines had a warpped base, which made him rock back and forth. That being said, I think this is a great set for adding some distinct character to a special squad, or if you want quality over quantity (an important consideration when sitting down to paint) then this kit has a lot of potential, and I would recommend it.

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